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Golf Cart Roofs, Tops & Canopies
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For convertible soft fold down Sunbrella golf cart tops,, please scroll to the middle of this page. As an alternative to a regular top, please check out our Solar Roof Tops that will enable you to never plug your golf cart in again.

Tops & Roofs - Complete Kit

Tops & Roofs - Complete Kit

Tops & Roofs - Complete Kit
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The regular length (53"/56") golf cart roof top kits are designed and manufactured using unbreakable .140 polyethylene. The extended golf cart tops (80") are made out of ABS plastic and have a reinforcement band around the edge. The golf cart roof top assembly kits include the top, windshield frame, rear frames, a full set of hardware and installation instructions. Fold down or one piece windshields can be purchased separately. Also, you might consider a 3 or 4 sided enclosure to keep you warm and dry.

Most of our hard golf cart tops, roofs, canopies 53"-56" complete kits are on SALE for $299.00. You can add a fold down windshield to your order for most models.

We offer a universal top only that comes with no holes or supports. The universal top comes in 53", 56" and 80" length and can be used with golf carts manufactured by other companies.

--The golf cart roofs include built in channels and drains.
--Factory replica tops conform to factory design. They do not have hand holds. Factory windshields will fit on these tops.
--Fleet tops are after market tops and are designed with three ridges. The after market golf cart top is not as thick as the original factory top, and the top does not include hand holds in the roof. The windshield frame dimensions are different than the factory measurements meaning that the factory windshield may not fit on this top. 
--The tops are made for regular 2-passenger golf carts (53"/56") and extended 4-passenger golf carts (80").
--The width of the tops vary from 39 9/16 to 41 3/16 for the standard length tops. The 80" tops are 42 1/2" in width.
--The height from the bottom of the windshield frame to the top of the roof for the 53/56" top is approximately 44". The 80" tops are 4-5' taller with the average height being 48". The height of the 80" top only is 6" and its thickness in 1/8".
--Supports are made of attractive, durable aluminum tubing with plated hardware for long life and are 1" in diameter. Please note that these are slightly larger than the E-Z-GO factory 3/4" in diameter frames. The roof supports are in a black or aluminum color depending on the golf cart make and model. Please see below for a link to a chart of the support color variations.
--Unitized frames give the roofs added strength and rigidity to prevent the top from warping.
--Installation instructions are included.
--Regular tops come in shell white or beige, and the extended top also comes in black.

--Due to the bulky nature and size of the golf cart roof tops, shipment is made through a traceable truck freight, and an extra shipping and handling charge will apply.

--Please note that the windshield frame for the after market tops may not fit your existing windshield unless you purchased that windshield from Frugal Dougal's Golf Cart Accessories. The only exceptions are the tops for the 56" Club Car 82-99 factory replica and utility car and the 53" Yamaha G14/G16/G19 factory replica top; the windshield frame for these carts will fit a factory windshield. Therefore, if you need a windshield with your top, we strongly recommend you purchase them together to ensure a good fit.

If you do not know the model and year of manufacture of your golf cart, please call Customer Service, and we will help you. 727-487-6615.

The 80" extended tops will fit most golf carts with a rear seat kit. However, the rear supports may require modification for rear seats that are wider than those offered by us or that are directly bolted to the back of the front seat. If you are unsure whether our top will fit on your cart, please call Customer Service at 727-487-6615.  If you email us with a picture of the back and side of your cart, we can clarify which rear seat kit you have and if our top will fit on your golf cart.

The rear supports for a 53" - 56" top are designed to be attached to the sweater basket. If you do not have a sweater basket, before you order, please email us a picture of the side and back of your cart. We want to make sure we send you rear supports that will fit your cart.  If you have any questions, please call Customer Service at 727-487-6615.

Below is the color contrast between the beige and shell white tops.


Above is a picture of a factory replica top on a Yamaha golf cart.

Below on the left is the extended 80" after market top on an E-Z-GO RXV with a rear seat kit in beige. The right photo is an extended after market black top on an earlier Club Car DS golf cart. 

Our windshield frame is the only one which uses reinforcement in the tubing to eliminate stress and break-out from occurring at the bolt points on the cowl of the golf cart. 

All tops are NOT returnable if shipped as ordered. If there is a manufacturer's defect or if the top is not as you ordered, please contact Customer Service.

ALL hard tops are shipped by LTL Truck Freight, usually Con-Way or Southeastern Freight, because of their weight and the size of the box. These shipments must be made to a commercial address. We normally call you to confirm that your Ship To address is a commercial business establishment with large truck access.

Made in the USA. 


Attached is the Chart of the Color Variations for the Top Supports. The supports will automatically come in the first color of choice. If you want the supports in the second choice of color, it will be a special order. Please call Customer Service. There will be an additional $30 charge.

Customers who purchased a roof or top were also interested in windshields, rear seat kits, and solar roof tops.


"I just put the top and windshield on my 93 Yamaha G9! Came out great. I just ordered a windshield for my wife's barn cart 01 DS Club Car!.
Great stuff!"  Patrick F., Dryden, NY, July 2020.!
"My new Yamaha G14/G16/G19 top looks great. Thanks for your help with the installation instructions." Scott C., Cumming, GA, July, 2018.

"Had no problems with the roof and it works great. Looks great on my Yamaha G1." Alex B., Sabin, MN , January 2017.

"TheYamaha G1 roof and windshield worked out great. Thanks for the follow up and look forward to doing business in the future." Donald G., Cibolo, TX., June, 2016.

"My kids and I are really pleased with the new Yamaha G1 top and sport windshield. The kids use the cart to get around the farm, complete their chores, and feed the animals. The top and windshield were very easy to put on, look great and do the job." Shaun T., Wilcox, AZ., April, 2016.

"The top worked out great and the installation was a breeze (Yamaha G2/G9 53" top mounted to bag rack)."  Bobby S., Batesville, MS., June, 2014.

"We got the 53" top for our Yamaha G2/G9, and I installed it. Was not a problem and it looks good!" Walt W., Thompson Falls, MT, May, 2014.

"The parts came quick and were affordable (Yamaha G2/G9). The windshield went in easy and looks beautiful. The rear seating kit was easy to set up looks great and changes the look if the cart dramatically. The seat covers are beautiful and easy to put on getting the old ones off are tricky tho. Lol. The extended topper puts the whole thing together and provides protection to the front riders as well as the back" Jodi W. Gladwin, Mi, August, 2013.

Our 1980 G1 top looks great.  You made my husband's day by putting our before and after (see above) picture on your web site. Thanks again for all your help." (picture is on the windshield page.) Natalie M, Nebo, NC, October, 2012.

"Above is a picture of my grandson's 1983 Yamaha G1 golf cat. The most important parts are the new top, tinted windshield, Pioneer radio system, and brilliant red diamond plate floor mat, all from Frugal Dougal's Golf Cart Accessories. We started from the frame up in our garage.  Everything fit perfectly. Thanks to you folks, the grandson thinks it is sweet!!!!"  Lloyd H., Mexico, Missouri, April, 2010.  (We add, what a lucky grandson!)

"I received the top for my E-Z-GO Marathon and installed it with relative ease according to the instructions. Both my wife and I like it very much, and your service, and especially customer communication, has been exceptional." George Brown, Portsmouth, VA, June 2010.

"We are very pleased with our new 80" black top. We will order from you again."  Michael S., Fleetwood, PA, September 2010.

"Your top for my older Club Car was fantastic!  It was easy to install, and we had it on in 15 minutes."  Cynthia R., Yorktown, IN, July 2008

We are thrilled with the top and windshield for our Yamaha G1.  It fit beautifully.  Lynda D., Lyons Falls, NY, May, 2009

The top and windshield look great on my E-Z-GO TXT.  Chuck Y., Greenville, NC, April, 2009.

We are very pleased with the top and windshield for our older style Club Car.  Tom B., Orlando, FL, July, 2009.

We received at our camp grounds the roof, windshield and mounting hardware for our Hyundai golf cart.  I am very satisfied, and thank you for your prompt service.  James Studnicka, New Carlisle, IN, September, 2009.

Compartment Divider

Compartment Divider

Compartment Divider
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The compartment divider allows for social distancing and separation of the two passengers. Comply with Covid 19 requirements. You and your friend can now ride in the same cart without worry.

The red dotted line in the picture on the right shows the placement of the divider.

--Easy to install in five minutes.
--Form fitted to the contours of most two passenger golf carts. Call Customer Service if you do not see your model below., 727-487-6615
--Uses screw in snaps into the hollow ridges of the top. It does not affect the tight canopy seal.
--Constructed of Marine-Grade Vinyl and WeatherMax fabric.
--Rolls up neatly for storage. It can be simply removed and reattached.
--The curtain hangs just above the foot pedals and forward/reverse switch to eliminate any interference while driving.
A back view of the divider show in the middle of the cart.

Made in the USA


"Excellent quality. Easy to install." Anita M., Golf Cart Quebec Importe, Canada, July 2020.

Convertible Golf Cart Top

Convertible Golf Cart Top

Convertible Golf Cart Top
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A high quality convertible folding universal golf cart soft top that fits on Club Car, E-Z-GO, Yamaha, Star Car, and other golf carts. These soft tops are made of Sunbrella cloth fabric, a highly durable fade resistent canvas like material. They fold down for storage in your garage or in a trailer. The convertible top is also called a rag top for a golf cart. The frame is heavy duty rust-proof  aluminum. The sport windshield works well with the convertible top as shown in the picture to the right.

--The Sunbrella top's dimensions are 45" width X 64" length. The center height from the hinge at the back of the seat upward is 32".
--A Bimini style golf cart canopy top.
--This fold down roof is excellent for golf carts that need to be stored in tight spaces like trailers or garages. Ideal for race car stacker trailers.
--Hardware is included.
--The golf cart top's frame is held in position with Polypropylene 6000 lb. tensile strength adjustable straps. The straps will extend to fit a 4 passenger golf cart or a golf cart with a rear cargo box. The straps and zippers come in black only.
--The supports fit into the existing top support plugs on the body of the cart.  
--The Sunbrella fabric is guaranteed to not fade or lose its strength for at least five years.
--The canopy comes in two standard Sunbrella awning fabric colors: Jet Black (Sunbrella # 4684) and Toast (Sunbrella # 80028). 
--You can customize the Sunbrella top and choose any solid Sunbrella color for an additional $45.  Please see the color chart below.This means you can use a solid Sunbrella color to contrast with your striped Sunbrella seat covers.  The convertible top does not come in stripe patterns. The outside binding will come in the matching  Sunbrella color. Please allow extra delivery time for custom colors. Custom color convertible tops are not returnable. 

--The top folds down neatly behind the golf club bags and rests on the rear bumper on a 2 passenger cart for complete protection.
--The golf cart top includes a boot type cover that protects the Sunbrella fabric when it is in the down position. It has a zipper opening.  The cover is in the same color as the top Sunbrella fabric. It keeps the top protected and looking neat when it is in the down position.
--For golf carts with rear seat kits, the top in the down position rests on the foot rest or the arm rests.  For golf carts with a cargo box, depending on the length, the top may rest in the down position toward the back of the cargo box.
--Sunbrella fabrics are designed to be breathable, so they are water repellent but not completely waterproof. 

--A link to the installation instructions is given below.

Please note that the hinges and frame of the convertible top are not to be used as handles. The installation instructions caution that improper use may make the hinges break.  Replacement hinges are available for $35 each. Please call Customer Service, 727-487-6615.

Below are samples of the Sunbrella Slate Black and Toast colors.

The picture above is the convertible top on an E-Z-GO in the standard toast color. Below is a picture of a Club Car Precedent where our customer added the convertible top and sport windshield  in black for a retro look.


 Below is a Yamaha G14 with the top in the down position resting on the rear seat arm rests.  This customer also ordered a custom Sunbrella color of Charcoal Gray (4644) with custom binding in Mediterranean Blue (4652) to match his custom rear seat covers which we also supplied. The cart has a sport windshield in stainless steel.


Below left is a picture from the back of the convertible top with a roll bar and a stainless steel sport windshield  on a custom Club Car DS golf cart. Please see Les D.'s comments below where he says the top was installed in 10 minutes. To the right is an E-Z-GO TXT  racing team cart owned by Shelly M. who says they love the top.


Who said the convertible top is not strong!  Look at this golf cart convertible top holding four river rafts!!

Below is a John Deere with the convertible top mounted to the front and behind the cargo box.  Other carts with a cargo box can have a similar mounting.

Here is the convertible top on a oldie-but-goody Harley Davidson three-wheeler golf cart. The owner said the top works well.

 One year warranty.

For more pictures of the convertible top, please look at our photo gallery.

You can review the installation instructions here.

Please allow seven days to ship.

Below is a chart of the custom Sunbrella colors which are available for an extra charge of  $45. When choosing one of these colors, please include the name in the ordering box below.


Made in the USA.

You may want to consider a sport windshield with your convertible top order.

Please note that our convertible tops are made out of the heavier awning fabric.  Please note the tops do not come in a striped Sunbrella fabric.

Click here and choose awning fabrics for the full selection of Sunbrella Colors.

Click here to see more photos of convertible tops

You can add a sport windshield as pictured above to this top for weather and rain protection.



"My lifted E-Z-GO TXT was too tall to fit in my garage. Thanks to Peter at Frugal Dougal's helpful information, I will remove the top. Here is my order for a convertable top and sports windshield. Eddie V, Myrtle Beach, February 2022.

"The convertible top was the most affordable top that I could find. It looks great on my cart." Jayson E., St. Charles, IL, February 2022.

"The black convertible top completed my E-Z-GO golf cart remodel. (See Pictures in the Photo Gallery.)" Hank M., Ingleside By The Bay, TX October 2020.

"The convertible top fit perfect on my Yamaha G1 golf cart. Thanks for your help." Jay S. Augusta, GA, February, 2020.

Just wanted thank you for helping me get the right parts for my project. The top and windshield fit perfect, great quality and fantastic service it was a pleasure doing business with you. Thanks againThanks again!" Jay H., Peachtree City, GA, January, 2018.

"Got it mounted. Looks great. Thank you."  David R., Kingsley, MI., July, 2017.

"I am very pleased with the new convertible top. It was easy to mount and looks great. But, I am even more impressed with the day and a half shipping and receiving time." James C., Southington, CT., October, 2016

"The convertible top is great so far. I even had a gentleman ask me about at the last race. I gave him the info. The hardest thing to get by is price. But the materials look great, and I hope they last a long time. Thanks.. I will kept you guys in mind." Val M., Bakersfirld, CA., September, 2016.

"The convertible top is awesome, I can get my cart in my race trailer now. It looks great, you guys knocked it out of the park on these tops." Louis S., League City, TX., September, 2016

"The Convertible Top arrived yesterday and I installed it last night, very easy installation, fit perfectly for the look I was trying to accomplish.Installed on a 1985 EZ GO completely redone with Honda V-Twin motor. Convertible Top again is perfect and super well made. Extremely Happy with your product and service.." Percy G., Pittsboro, NC, November, 2014.

"We love the top!" Shelly M., Des Moines, IA, September, 2013. (See above picture)


Top Extension

Top Extension

Top Extension
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The Golf Cart Top Extension serves as a club rain protector and  a shade cover for rear seat passengers on a cart that currently has a 53"/56" top.
--Attaches to the rear struts of a Factory or Factory Style top (width of 26 1/2" - 26 5/8"). Please note that it does not fit on an after market top.
--The extension slides in and out to remove a club or allow passengers to exit easily. It can be retracted when not in use.
--The dimensions of the extension are 36" x 36".
--The canvas sides drop down to protect clubs or passengers in the rain.
--The back canvas has a large window to facilitate rear view sight while driving.
--Military grade snaps and zippers hold the fabric in place.
--The fabric is a high quality marine grade Big Duck fabric, a canvas-like material. It is Made in the USA.
--Comes in 10 colors: White, Black, Tan, Cadet Light Grey, Forest Green, Charcoal, Pacific Blue, Navy Blue, Brown, and Burgundy.. See below for the color samples
--Special colors are available. Please call Customer Service if you are interested at 727-487-6615.
--Custom made to fit later models of Club Car, E-Z-GO, and Yamaha golf carts. We may do a follow-up contact on your current top dimensions.
--Welded steel frame.
--No drilling and easy installation.
--Installation instructions are included.

Below shows the back of the top extension with the large driving rear window. The canvas is in the down position

Below are the color samples

Takes 10-14 days to ship.

5 Year Warranty for product defects.

Because all of the top extenders are custom made in a choice of color fabric and for a specific golf cart, they are not returnable.

Made in the USA.


"Received top cover fed ex as promised. Installed on my Club Car Precedent as easy as advertised. Product looks well made. Easy to operate. Was shipped and packaged securely. Thought you would like feedback. Thanks for your assistance.".Joseph T., Palm Beach Gardens, FL, August, 2020.

Top Cover - Camouflage Cordura & Vinyl

Top Cover - Camouflage Cordura & Vinyl

Top Cover - Camouflage Cordura & Vinyl
Click to enlarge image(s)

The universal camouflage golf cart top canopy cover simply slips on over your existing golf cart roof.

--These golf cart top covers are made out of Cordura or vinyl fabrics.  These fabrics are waterproof and pliable.  It is similar to a canvas fabric. The vinyl is a more durable fabric and will last longer than the Cordura.
--The covers are made to slip over existing golf cart tops.  These covers are secured with Bungee cords sewn into the hem of the cover to ensure a tight fit.
--The top covers are made for standard top lengths of 53"/56" and for the extended top length of 80".
--The top cover can be easily removed after hunting season is over.
--The golf cart canopy covers come in four camouflage patterns as shown below.


Please allow 2 weeks to ship the top cover. Also, the top covers are not returnable unless there is an issue of workmanship.

Made in the USA.


"I purchased Mossy Oak Break Up seat covers and placed a second order for the matching roof top cover. I am very pleased with both purchases: strong, durable, and easy to mount. The seat covers and roof top cover match and look great." Troy H.,  Happy Valley, OR., August, 2016.. 

"I am satisfied with the camo top cover. It is strong and thick." Justin T., Richton, MS., January, 2016.

Roof Rack

Roof Rack

Roof Rack
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A heavy duty all purpose golf cart roof top rack. The picture on the right shows the rack on a Club Car Precedent.

--Made of heavy duty black powder coated textured steel.
--Includes state of the art "Dacromet" mounting hardware used by the automotive industry. The hardware is designed specifically for factory tops for the Club Car Precedent, E-Z-GO TXT and RXV, and the Yamaha Drive.
--Weighs 17 lbs.
--Adds storage space for hunting equipment, beach gear, luggage, and more.
--Dimensions are 44 7/8" x 36 7/8" x 6 3/4".
--Has integrated light tabs. See our Lights Page for roof top mounted lights.

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