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Golf Cart Under Seat and Overhead Storage Trays
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Storage Tray Under Seat

Storage Tray Under Seat

Storage Tray Under Seat
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A premium three compartment golf cart storage tray that fits underneath your seat above the batteries providing extra storage. The storage tray is easy to install or remove. Keep your valuables out of view and food away from squirrels.

--Made of injection-molded high-impact polyethylene plastic, not ABS Plastic.
--230-degree heat deflection & corrosion resistant.
--Maintenance free and virtually indestructible.
--3 year warranty against any manufacturer’s defects, materials, or workmanship.
--For use ONLY on electric golf carts.
--Trays available for E-Z-GO Med/TXT, Club Car (DS Series & Precedent) and Yamaha G14-G22 golf carts. New! We now also have storage trays for the newer E-Z-GO RXV, Star Car, 2008 and up, and the Zone Car with eight 6 volt batteries (not the Zone with 4 12 volt batteries). Please note that the Star Car tray may require some modification.
--The under seat storage tray fits the Club Car Precedent six 8-volt battery carts and not the newer Precedent golf cart configurations with 4 12-volt batteries. This is because the 12-volt batteries are too high and do not allow sufficient space for the tray. Below is a picture of the under seat storage tray on a six 8-volt Precedent golf cart.

NEW. We are finally offering an under seat storage tray for the E-Z-GO RXV golf cart. This multi-compartment tray has a depth of one inch, and can hold tees, gloves, a light sweater and more. It is pictured below. This is an ideal storage tray organizer.

Made in the USA


"The tray for our Star golf cart works great. I will be viewing your site for any other accessories that I may want in the future." Gary K., Punta Gorda, FL., May, 2016.

"The under seat storage tray couldn't have been any easier to install. It fit my 2010 EZ Go TXT perfectly." Christopher G., Palm City, FL, May, 2013.

"My friend Diana bought an under seat storage tray for her Star Car.  We tried it on several Star Cars, and it fit perfectly on all of them. So, here is my order for the storage tray for my Star Car." Ray Stewart, Napa, CA, July, 2010.

"We bought 3 under seat storage trays for our Zone Cars. The battery cables were initially in the way, but forcing them down against the battery made for a perfect fit. Overall, I am satisfied with the trays." Paul Snyder, Herseyville, IL, July, 2010.

Since storage space for hunting items is at a premium, the two items (overhead storage tray and under seat storage tray) will make my time in the field much better. Bob Evans,  Indianola, Iowa, October, 2009.

I have a new Club Car Precedent bought in September 2009.  The underseat storage tray fits fine on top of the Precedent's 6 8-volt batteries.  Karl Geiss, Monroe LA, February, 2010.


Overhead Storage Tray

Overhead Storage Tray

Overhead Storage Tray
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Top of the line front mounted overhead storage tray.

--Made of durable ABS plastic.
--Easy installation that uses the existing roof support mounting hardware.
--Fits on factory made roofs only. Please note that because after market tops and roofs, including those offered by Frugal Dougal's Golf Cart Accessories, do not conform to factory dimensions, this storage tray will not fit properly on a top that is not original.
--Works with extended tops that are originally sold by the manufacturer.
--Comes in black only.
--They are made for specific golf cart makes and models. See you choices below.
--Dimensions are 32.5" W x 9.5" D x 2.5" H.  Weight is 4.8 pounds.
--Easy to install.

See below for a closeup of the bracket system.


"We are very happy with the overhead storage tray. It fit well on our Yamaha Drive." Channing K., Westlake, LA, December, 2015.

"Yes, everything is fine. The brackets worked fine on our Yamaha Drive." Sally M.,  Lady Lake, FL. January, 2020.

"The tray was exactly what I was needing. We had to make a minor adjustment for installation (for a Yamaha Drive), but it was no problem. It is perfect. Thank you again." Ann H., St. Marys, GA., January, 2016.
Coolers and Cooler Trays

Coolers and Cooler Trays

Coolers and Cooler Trays
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Choice of 6 pack or 12 pack tray. A combination golf cart ice chest and storage tray.

--No more need to exit the golf car to access a beverage in your cooler.
--It's only an arm's reach away. Cooler tray frees up the limited space on the rear of most golf cars for other accessories while still providing a place to keep those beverages cold.
--Strong, lightweight, and durable.
--A 6-pack or 12-pack Igloo cooler is included!
--Mounting tray can be purchased separately to use as storage platform.

--Fits virtually all makes and models of golf carts. Please note that the 12 pack cooler is large on Yamaha golf carts and may impede visibility.
--Mounts easily and securely to the steering column with our simple mounting bracket and hardware.
--Does not impede entry or exit, interfere with vehicle operation, or impair vision.
--Leading edge of cooler does not touch windshield.
--Designed to provide a secure fit, yet the cooler can be removed easily at any time.
--Made of high impact polyethylene plastic.

Many customers choose to use the tray for storage when not using the cooler i.e., cell phones, car keys, food, as shown below. An ideal organizer tray. The tray may be ordered separately below. The drawer organizer comes from Walmart for a purchase of $1.The dimensions of the 6 pack tray only are 11" x 8 1/2" x 2 1/4". The dimensions of the 12 pack cooler tray are 13 3/4" x 9 3/4"  2 1/4". See below for a picture of the tray.

Made in the USA.

Portable Cargo Box

Portable Cargo Box

Portable Cargo Box
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This portable golf cart utility cargo box is a durable, lightweight, and inexpensive box that installs in seconds to the roof or fold down rear seat of any golf cart. Take it out on the sand or to the picnic ground.

--Fits on all golf carts fold down rear seats and tops including Club, E-Z-GO, Fairplay, Tomberlin and Yamaha golf carts.
--The dimensions are 40" x 30" x 9".
--Made of light weight, but durable, hard ABS vacuum-molded plastic that will hold up in the sun for years.
--Comes with four custom velcro straps to hold the cargo box in place.
--Weighs 8 pounds.
--Has handles on the sides for easy pick up.
--Comes in black only.

Made in the USA.


The Portable Cargo Box arrived today, and I absolutely love it. " Debi R., Troy, Missouri, June, 2020.

Customers who liked our high quality storage trays were also interested in the club and ball washer, sand and seed bottle, traction mat, and solar panel roof kit.

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