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Solar Roof Panel Kit
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We have lowered our prices for the golf cart solar charger conversion kits. As the prices for solar panels have come down, we are passing on the savings to you!  The SEV 105 watt universal solar panel kit was $899, and it is now $600, a really big reduction of $300.  The solar roof replacement kit was $1,495 and is now $1,450, and the wattage has increased from 220 watts to 235 watts  These are the best prices in the industry for these very powerful solar roof tops!  Now is the time to make the conversion to solar power on your golf cart.  Remember, these golf cart solar panel kits are made in the USA!

Solar Panel as the Golf Cart Top, 250 watts

Solar Panel as the Golf Cart Top, 250 watts

Solar Panel as the Golf Cart Top, 250 watts
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In June, 2012, we increased the wattage of our golf cart solar roof replacement kit to 210 watts without any price increase. In April, 2014, we dropped the price for this popular solar charger kit for the third time in three years and increased the wattage to 220 watts. The full roof replacement kit is now $1,450. In November, 2015, we increased the wattage to 235 watts and in May, 2018, the wattage was increased once again to 250 watts. The dimensions and price remain the same.

Protect the environment by converting your golf cart to solar power. The solar panel converts sunlight directly to electricity which charges the golf cart's 36 or 48 volt battery bank. Don't plug your golf cart in again!!

Thirty percent of the solar roof  purchase price and installation costs can be used as a Federal tax credit. This immediately saves you $435 off of the purchase price of the 250 watt panel kit. If you purchased a new battery bank at the same time, it would also be considered part of the golf cart solar system and would also qualify for the 30% tax credit. In December 2015, Congress extended the the solar tax credit for 5 more years, through 2021.

This golf cart solar roof panel kit and smart controller, manufactured by Solar Electric Vehicle Systems, is the most efficient combination available, producing 30% more power to the golf cart than the closest competitor using photovoltaic panels and three to four times greater output than companies using thin film technologies. Depending on location, time of year, and driving conditions, the 250 watt top will extend your driving time 4-12 miles per day. The rule of thumb is that for every 45 minutes the 250 watt solar golf cart sits out in peak sun, it will go an extra mile. You may never have to plug in your golf cart! The 250 watt crystalline photovoltaic solar panel becomes the actual top of the golf cart and is connected to the battery bank via cables and a smart controller. It is great for golf carts on long, hilly golf courses, neighborhood electric vehicles in golf cart communities, maintenance workers' vehicles that are driven all day, and transport golf carts.

The solar powered golf cart is well suited for locations that do not have easy access to electricity such as campgrounds, farms, hunting areas, and on islands.

Show off your solar powered golf cart. Because the solar panel is the actual golf cart roof, it is readily apparent that this is a solar powered electric hybrid vehicle.

By using solar power to operate your golf cart, you can eliminate the consumption of approximately 350 lbs of coal PER YEAR for electricity generation and eliminate the emission of 1,100 lbs of CO2 PER YEAR into the atmosphere (based on using the golf cart to its maximum potential of 5 sun-hours of peak sun).

The golf cart solar panel charging kit is designed by researchers from the University of Florida and is manufactured in the USA. We are committed to push the envelope of technology and provide cost effective, practical, and sustainable solutions in solar-powered transportation.

--Go Green and lower environmental degradation.
--Lower electricity bills.
--Eliminate the need to plug the golf cart into the electric grid.
--Increase the mileage/range on your golf cart by at least 8 miles per day.
--Increase battery life by 50-75%.
--Fits most golf cart makes and models, including the new Club Car Precedent, E-Z-GO RXV, and Yamaha Drive. Also converts to solar power Bad Boy Buggies, Zone, and Star Car golf carts. More models are being added, so please call Customer Service 727-487-6615, if you do not see your cart on the list below.
--Every component has been chosen for maximum performance, functionality, and reliability.
--30% of the purchase price can be applied as a Federal tax credit. In some states, such as Florida, state sales taxes do not apply to this solar purchase.
--Complements the "Go Green" movement for environmentally sustainable golf course management, sustainability goals on college campuses, government commitments to use more alternate energy, and any business or individual which has a social commitment to off-the-grid energy and climate control.


--A powerful 250 watt photovoltaic panel.
--An eco-friendly solar golf cart.
--Design uses the solar panel as the roof top of the golf cart.
--Includes the complete kit of the solar panel top, smart controller, hardware, and easy-to-follow installation instructions. Prewired. 
--Uses the golf cart's existing top supports.
--Sturdy black or white powdered coated aluminum frame, with rain gutters, integrated grab-bar, and stainless steel hardware. 
--Charge controller monitors, boosts, and optimizes the charging process for high power output. The controller has built in overload and reverse polarity protection.
--High grade industrial wiring and connectors.
--Simple and quick assembly. Excellent installation instructions. Comes preassembled as much as possible.
--Dimensions are 72" long, 46.5" wide, and 3" deep. 
--Weighs 65 lbs.
--Fits on a 2 or 4 passenger golf cart.
--Solar panel charges 36 volt or 48 volt golf carts. A 72 volt kit also available  for carts such as the Bad Boy Buggy. There is an extra change for the 72 volt controller.
--Is UL approved and manufactured in ISO 9001.

If you are interested in a more powerful solar system, please call Customer Service, 727-487-6615. Solar kits of 285 watts and 440 watts are also available for larger golf carts. Special mounting is required for these bigger and heavier panels.

See below for a universal solar panel kit mounted to the existing top of a golf carts generating 105 watts of solar power.

Because the tops are big and bulky, they are shipped truck freight. These trucks do not go into residential areas. Therefore, we request that you provide a
business, work, or commercial address in the Ship to area.

Below is a picture of the 235 watt on a rugged Stealth cart.

Below is a picture of the HSC 210 (earlier model) on a Club Car DS golf cart.  This is the personal golf cart of Linda at Frugal Dougal's Golf Cart Accessories with a HSC 210 watt solar roof. 

Below is the 24-cart solar fleet with 220 roof replacements on E-Z-GO  Express S4's owned by Norfolk Southern Railway and located at their Brosnan Forest employee retreat near Charleston, SC. Installed in January 2014.


Two year warranty on all parts. The photovoltaic panel is built to last 25 years and to withstand hurricane and hail storm conditions.

Below is the mounting system shown on a Club Car Precedent golf cart. There is an extra charge for this mounting to accomodate the Precedent's drainage system.

Below are the components of the 250 watt solar kit.

Made in the USA.

Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for shipment. There is a No Return Policy on all of our solar products because of custom mounting systems for your cart and because of their size and weight.

Universal Golf Cart Solar Panel, 105-440  watts.

Universal Golf Cart Solar Panel, 105-440 watts.

Universal Golf Cart Solar Panel, 105-440  watts.
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Once again, we dramatically reduced the price of the 105 watt golf cart roof top mounted solar kit, effective April, 2014. The SALE price is now $600 for the complete kit. The wattage has also been increased from 100 watts to 105 watts. The next larger roof top mounted kit has been increased in wattage from 220 to 235 watts.  It fits on an extended 80" top.

This solar roof panel kit is a powerful Universal golf cart solar roof top kit available with a 105 watt solar panel. It works well with golf carts driven about 6 miles or less per day in peak sun. As a rule of thumb, for every hour the golf cart is out in the sun, it will drive one mile further. An eco-friendly solar electric hybrid vehicle.

The picture to the right is the Universal solar top on a Star Car golf cart.

--A low cost high performance solar charging system.
--Mounts on top of your existing golf cart roof. Uses Z-bracket mounting feet and stainless steel bolts to attach to the top. The bolt head underneath includes fender washers and a rubber seal.
--Wiring is through the rear top support.
--Dimensions are 45" x 27".
--Weight is 28 lbs.
--Extends the life of your batteries because solar power keeps a constant charge when the golf cart is outside.
--The golf cart solar roof panel is a complete kit including the solar panel, all stainless steel mounting hardware, and the intelligent controller.
--The photovoltaic solar panel is held securely in a sturdy aluminum frame.
--Uses monocrystaline silicon technology which is more efficient in converting sunlight power at lower levels such as early morning or late afternoon
--The kit features a Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) controller that monitors, boosts, and optimizes the charging process for high power output and reverse polarity protection. See the link below to Frequently Asked Questions for a more detailed description of the charging process.
--Simple and easy to install.
--Charges a 36 volt, 48 volt or 72 volt golf cart battery bank. 
--A 12 volt charger kit is offered for gas carts with one 12 volt battery.
--A universal solar panel that will fit on all golf carts including Club Car, E-Z-GO, Yamaha, Star Car, Tomberlin E-Merge, Bad Boy Buggy, HDK, Stealth, and Fairplay golf carts.
--30% of the purchase price can be applied as a Federal Tax credit. In some states, such as Florida, state sales taxes do not apply to the solar purchase. In December 2015, Congress extended the solar tax credit for 5 more years though 2021.

Two year warranty on all parts and labor.

Below is a creative use of the HSC 100 solar kit. The panel powers a 36 volt battery on this custom trike built by William S. Rake, Reynoldsville, PA, September 2011. For more details, please go to our Solar Photo Gallery.


New. We are now offering the universal roof top mounted in the higher wattages of 235 watts and 285 watts. The 235 watt roof is 65" long and requires an extended top length of 80". The 285 watt roof is 84" in length and requires an extended top for a 6 passenger vehicle. Please see these options below. A further option is the 440 watt kit which is 140" x 45" x 3" and weighs 130 lbs.

Below us a picture of a 6 passenger Star Car with the top mounted 235 watt panel. The Star Car has a dome roof that requires extra long brackets. There is an extra charge of $300 for these brackets. Please call Customer Service if you have a Star Car and want a top mounted solar kit.

Below are the components in the solar 105 watt roof top kit.

Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for shipment. There is a No Return Policy for all of our solar products unless they are defective or damaged in delivery.

Made in the USA

Click here for solar golf cart pictures in our Photo Gallery.

Check out the Wikipedia article on Solar Golf Carts which features Frugal Dougal's Golf Cart Accessories' solar roofs.

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions and Technical Specifications for the Helios solar roof panel kit.


"We purchased the big 285 watt solar roof panel and mounted it on our Bad Boy Buggy. It is cool! Everyone wants to drive it around. There are no complaints on the performance.' (See a picture in the Photo Gallery.) Phil M., Nevada Departmentt of Transportatoin. September, 2018.

"The solar 105 watt kit has been working great when outside. Thanks again for your help with everything!" Amber R., Kamuela, Hawaii, July, 2018

"I have received numerous compliments on the solar golf cart tops (They ordered 8 235 watt solar roof replacement kits) as they seem to look good and work well.  I do have an interest in purchasing one more.  I wanted to see if it were possible to have another top just like the Yamaha Drive one we had made." Jason M., BAE Systems, Austin, TX, Sustainability Dept. May, 2018.

"We purchased fifteen (15) 235 watt solar pnel kits to begin the conversion our fleet of Palm Island Resort Club Car Precedent carts to the 235 watt solar panel rood. We are very happy with their performace and have not plugged them in.They are sleek, and we no longer have the problem of towing in a cart which had been rented by a guest and had run out of power."  For a picture of part of the fleet, see the solar photo gallery. Palm Island Resort, Cape Haze, FL.,  March, 2016.

"The solar panel (105 watt roof top mount) I bought to use in Puerto Aventuras, Mexico is just great.  I don't use my golf cart much but have never had to charge it.  I am very pleased.  Thank you for all your advice and help." Nell G., Basalt, CO, February, 2016.

"I have purchased two 100 watt solar roof top mount kits, and here is my order for a third. It is used on a lifted cart that takes more juice to run. I tested it by running the cart 4 days in a row and over 4 miles per day. At the end of the 4th day, I would plug it in. I am a believer that this solar panel definitely extends the range of the cart. This is very important for the hunters to whom I have sold these panel kits.They want to leave the cart out in the sun during the day and run it at night without plugging in. I will get 1 1/2 to 2 amps more power from solar." David M., Plaza Golf Carts, Demopolis, AL, December, 2015.

"Once the kits were installed (one 100 watt and three 210 watt roof top mounted solar kits on Star Cars), they never needed to be plugged in again. They are working great." (Purchased in February 2014) Michael F., Tyndall AFB, Panama City, FL August, 2015.

Update from David Stradtman. "I have now purchased 4 of your 210 watt solar roof kits, 2 in 2010 and 2 in 2012. They worked out real well.  Now, 18 months later, they still have never been plugged in. The 48 volt systems are just as effective as the 36 volt systems. I am referring a friend to you for a solar purchase." Dave Stradtman, Brunswick, GA, June, 2015.

Your customer service is beyond compare. You were willing to work around our needs and fulfilled our order in a timely manner. There was one issue we had and Steven was on top of it and had the problem resolved very quickly. As far as the solar tops, we still have to occasionally put them on charge with the plug in chargers but I feel it’s because of how much they get used. They don’t get to sit idle long enough to collect a full charge from the sun but we definitely don’t have to charge them as frequently as we would if they didn’t have the solar tops.   Thanks to your product we are able to help keep a “GREEN” environment which is what our company is striving to do." Johnny W., Chief Mechanic, Brosnan Forest, Norfolk Southern Railway, Dorchester, SC, May, 2014.

    "I enjoyed installing the kits; everything was very well packaged and put together, and so far they are working perfectly! (Customer bought 3 220 watt roof top mounted kits and one 100 watt roof mounted kit.} The only issue I had was that the brackets were all constructed to line up with the spacing on the rearmost set of bolts only. The 4-passenger Star cars (at least ours, anyway) have a tapered roof, so the spacing is reduced as you move forward toward the front. It wasn't really a problem, however; I just modified the brackets to line up (you will notice in the pictures that the brackets increasingly taper inward from back to front). Like I said, not a big deal." Mike F., Panama City, FL, April, 2014. (see picture in the Solar Photo Gallery)

"The 210 watt solar roof replacement was custom mounted on our Chuckwagon utility vehicle. See a picture in the Solar Photo Gallery.We have a new utility vehicle so here is our second order." Oleta River State Park, North Miami Beach, FL, November, 2013.

We used Yamaha Drive 48 volt electric carts in a pilot program to test out the advantages of a solar panel to help maintain the charge. (See the picture in the Solar Photo Gallery.) This cart is used by our (City of Fort Collins, CO) yard crew that maintains the grounds at our Drake Water Reclamation Facility. We installed your Universal 100 watt solar panel on 6/13/12 with a full charge on the batteries. The yard crew was instructed not to plug the charger in until the cart would not move anymore due to low battery. So the next dates it had to be plugged in are 6/25/12, 3 times in July, 3 times in August, 1 once in September, 1 once in October and 11/13/12 to present. We have three more of these carts that the Operations Dept. uses that are not equipped with any solar panels and they are plugged into chargers at the end of every day. Communicating this data to management they see this pilot program as a success and therefore would like to equip the other carts as well. (They ordered three more HSC 10 solar panel kits on 11/15/12.) We are a big user of electrical power in the waste water business and are always searching for ways to save. Also would like to note that we are a ISO 14001 Certified Facility, an Environmental management system for the Municipal Water Reclamation and Treatment including Administration, Operations, Maintenance, Laboratory, Solids Handling, and Associated Activities. Every little bit counts when it has an effect on our environment." Jerry Yakel, City of Fort Collins, CO, Drake Water Reclamation Facility, Maintenance Specialist, November, 2012.

"I have been very happy with the HSC 270 solar kit that I bought last year for my Club Car Hunt VE. I run it every day on my 3,000 acre farm.  I used to get stranded with low power, but no longer.  It works especially well in the summer. So, here is my second order for a HSC 210 solar panel kit for my newly purchased Stealth." Michael M., Hattiesburg, MS, June 2012.

"The 205 watt solar panel recharges the batteries on our Yamaha Drive in a couple of hours on a partly sunny day, less time during the bright sun." Joe H., Marietta, GA., June 2012.  (This customer has now ordered a second HSC 205 for another Yamaha Drive.)

"I teach the electric vehicle and the solar classes at the College of Marin, Ca.  We bought a 205 watt panel for our golf cart in 2010 to go back and forth between classroom buildings. For two years from March to October we have not plugged the cart in at all. It is great. The new college President loves the solar cart so much that he now wants one of his own. We will be ordering a 270 watt panel for a 4 passenger golf cart." Mark B. Marin Co., CA, April, 2012.

"I am very pleased with the 205 watt solar roof replacement on my E-Z-GO TXT 36 volt golf cart.  We installed it on December 15, 2010 and have not plugged the golf cart in since. It was very easy to install.  It certainly is attracting the attention of my neighbors and friends. We are going to order more." David Stradtman, Brunswick, GA, August, 2011.

"I am sorry it has been so long to get back to you on the performance of my golf cart solar roof (HSC 205 on an E-Z-GO Med/TXT).  We put the solar panel on in late March.  When we put it on my battery health on my cart was about 3/4 full strength.  After playing 18 holes the solar charger continued to work until my battery health was back to 3/4 full strength.  This told me that when you plug in the solar panel it takes a look at the battery strength and maintains that level whether it be 48 volts, 36 volts or 26 volts or any other voltages within its capacity.  I unplugged the solar charger and plugged in my regular 36 volt charger in my personally owned cart stall.  After the charge reached 36 volts my regular charger shut off automatically.  I then plugged the Helios Solar Charger back in so it could see my batteries at full strength.  The solar charger has always returned my batteries to full strength within a reasonable period of time.  I have not used my cart stall to recharge my batteries since in late March.  In fact I have rented out my cart stall and if I live long enough the solar charger will have been no expense at all.  I have piqued a lot of interest here at Seven Lakes but know of no one who has purchased a solar charger yet.  I am sure to mention your company to anyone who talks to me about the solar roof.  I am totally satisfied with the product." Jack Comp, Fort Myers, FL, May, 2011. (See his initial reaction to the installation below.)

An update from Jack Comp, January, 2012.  "Linda, I installed my solar top in March, 2011.  I have not had to use my charger since.  I am very happy with the performance of the solar top."

"We installed the HSC 130 solar kit on the (Key West High School) football coach's cart. It is really working great, and we have not had to plug it in. We are not going to replace our $400 cart electric charger.  The solar panel kit has exceeded all my expectations.  So, here is our solar kit second order for my golf cart."  Josh Clearman, Key West High School, May, 2011.

"The HSC 205 roof arrived yesterday, and somewhere between 30 and 40 minutes later it was mounted and ready to go. An hour later I was at the pro shop in line to tee off.  There were many curious lookers, and I assured the ladies that I spent a lot more on Carol's new carpet than I did on the solar charger. A couple of ladies said they sure hope their husbands didn't see this." Jack Comp, Ft Myers, FL, March, 2011.

"I was very skeptical about solar power just from rumors I had heard. I wanted to put one to real world tests so I could see with my own eyes the way it worked. We received the top (HSC 205) in on a Thursday and were set to install the next day. The cart we used was one of my 2006 E-Z-GO PDS rental carts. The cart was just back from a rental and was completely dead. We had to tow the cart up to our service area. The installation was very quick and easy and inside an hour the cart emerged from service with it's new solar roof. It was near the end of the day so it was just pushed down and out of the shop and parked outside. When we arrived in on Monday I went straight to the cart to check it out. When I sat down inside it and looked up at the built in meter it showed a FULL CHARGE!! How cool was that! Just from sitting outside the dead cart on Friday was now the fully charged cart ready to drive away! In my business if I had 40 rental carts going out on a regular basis this has the potential of HUGE SAVINGS in recharges.

Had the cart in our fleet for a few months now and STILL haven't charged it! It's great to be able just park the cart and forget it until the next rental." Dave Broker, Store Manager, Fairway Golf Cars LLC, Palm Harbor, FL, September, 2010.

"The HSC 130 powered golf cart has not been plugged in since we received it.  We are pleased to do business with you.  And, here is our second order."  Randy Stitt, Woodward Academy, College Park, GA, July, 2010.

"The SG 120 is awesome and works great! I have driven the golf cart almost every day and haven't plugged it in in a month.  I'm ordering an inverter so that I can also plug a refrigerator to the golf cart in case of an emergency.  The installation was a piece of cake.  It was much easier than the light kit that I also installed.  The installation instructions are excellent." Dave Scott, Cashmere, Washington, August, 2009.

"The SG 120 is a great product.  It went on very easily, and we were out driving the same day."  Dave Smith, Vineyard Haven, MA, August, 2009.

"The solar SG 187 and SG 120's are working perfectly.  They look very good.  The installation instructions were simple and easy to follow. After two weeks of daily use, we have not had to plug them in!" Charlie Mills, East Los Angeles College, May, 2009.

"The solar SG 187 installation on our Par Car went very smoothly.  Although we have tested it only a few days, the battery is keeping its charge." Mark Harrah, Georgia Tech University, June, 2009.

"The solar panels appear to be working as promised.  The carts seem to remain sufficiently charged for our daily normal use, which is usually light to moderate without the need to plug them in." Patricia Mills Janeway, Communication Director, Detroit Zoological Society, June, 2009.  Click here for a picture of one of their fleet of 40 solar equiped golf carts.


Click here for Technical Specifications for the 105-130 watt Universal solar roof panel kit.

Click here for our Photo Gallery of Solar Roof Panel Customers.

As of January 1, 2006, an investment tax credit of 30% for utilizing solar when into effect. To learn more about the IRS ruling, go to On October 3, 2008 this credit was extended for both residential and commercial installations for 8 more years. In December 2015, Congress extended the Solar Tax Credit for 5 more years through 2021.


Customers who bought the solar panel kit also want to prevent stains on their garage floor with the concrete floor saver.  

Let our friendly customer service staff answer your questions about our solar golf carts. The solar golf cart roof conversion kit fits on all makes of golf carts and comes in power ranging from 100 to 420 watts. Please click on any of the golf cart accessories to the left to get full technical descriptions, prices, and ordering information. Make your golf cart look the best in town with golf cart accessories from Frugal Dougal’s Golf Cart Accessories!

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