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Golf Cart Solar Roof Panel Kits - photo gallery and testimonials
Bad Boy Buggy 285 watt solar roof

Bad Boy Buggy 285 watt solar roof

Nevada Department of Transportation, Carson City, Nevada, September 2018

Below is a 285 watt solar panel mounted on a Bay Boy Buggy Their comment is that "It is cool!"

Palm Island Resort, Cape Haze, Florida, December, 2015

The Palm Island Resort does not allow personal cars in the complex. They have a large fleet of golf carts for staff and guest use and an inadequate number of charging stations. They first purchased a 105 roof top mounted solar panel kit which is on  their head of maintenance's cart.  He says it is in constant use, is not plugged it in more than once or twice a week, and he is very happy with the performance.  In December, 2015, they began to convert their golf cart fleet of Club Car Precedents to the 235 watt roof replacement kits. They had received concerns from guests whose cart ran out of power and had to be towed in. Now, they no longer plug in the carts with the 235 watt roof. Further, the solar roofs have a sleek look and appeal to the environmentally conscious Resort.

Below is a picture of part of the 235 watt fleet.

Norfolk Southern

Norfolk Southern

Norfolk Southern Railway, Brosnan Forest Retreat, January, 2014.

Below is the 24-cart solar fleet with 220 roof replacements on E-Z-GO  Express S4's owned by Norfolk Southern Railway and located at their Brosnan Forest employee retreat near Charleston, SC. Installed in January 2014.


Bubble Car

Bubble Car

A Bubble Car with a 220 watt solar roof top mount. April, 2014

A 280 watt roof top mount would also fit on this Bubble Car.

Stealth 220 Beach Patrol

Stealth 220 Beach Patrol

Stealth on Beach Patrol in Naples, FL, April, 2014

A Stealth used as a Beach Patrol Life Guard vehicle. A 220 roof top replacement was mounted to the existing tube roll cage. (Stealth went out of business in January, 2013.)

Two beach photos

Two beach photos

Two Solar Beach Carts, April, 2014

On the left is an E-Z-GO TXT with a 220 watt roof replacement and on the right is a Club Car DS with a 100 watt roof mount solar panel.

Tyndall Air Force Base

Tyndall Air Force Base

Tyndall Air Force Base, Panama City, FL, April, 2014

Four Star Cars with roof mounted solar panel kits.  The 4 passenger carts have 200 watt panels and the 2 passenger cart has a 100 watt kit.
They commented that the solar "was fun to install and is working well."

Oleta River State Park, North Miami Beach, FL, November, 2013   

Staff did a custom mounting job of the 210 watt solar roof replacement on this Chuckwagon utility vehicle. 

City of Fort Collins, CO, Drake Water Reclamation Facility, Yard Crew Cart

The City of Fort Collins, CO reports that their cart with the HSC 100 roof top solar panel
has rarely been plugged in since it was purchased in June, 2012. See our Solar Roof Panel
page for their pilot program test report. The City has now purchased three more of the solar kits. November, 2012.


Fancy solar golf carts for a resort in the Barbados

Below is a blue '57 Chevy and a red Shelby Cobra custom made with 205 watt solar panels
for a resort in the Barbados in April, 2012. These were manufactured by Fairway Golf Carts
in Tampa, Florida.



College of Marin, Marin County, CA, April 2012


The students at the College of Marin rebuilt this golf cart and added a 205 watt solar roof in 2010.
Faculty member Mark Burrall said they have not plugged the cart in when operating from March to October
for the past two years




University of Illinois, Urbana/Champaign and Iowa Wesleyan College 6 passenger Solar Golf Carts


Energy Systems Group sponsored these 6 passenger transport golf carts with a 410 watt
solar roof panel for the University of Illinois, Urbana/Champaign and Iowa Wesleyan College. 
They are
painted in the schools' colors and have the schools' logos.



Northern Illinois University Solar Golf Cart

The six-passenger golf cart with a 410 watt solar roof panel was sponsored by the Energy Systems Group
for Northern Illinois University.  It was featured at the University's STEMfest (Science, Technology, Engineering, &
Math Festival) October 22, 2011 with ESG officials on board. The STEMfest features hands-on activities and products
to spark interest in K-12 students and their parents and teachers in these fields.



A 410 watt roof replacement on 6 and 8 pasenger transport carts

These pictures show the top and undersides of the 410 on 6 passenger golf cart transport vehicle.  Also pictured are two carts for the College of Wooster and Owens College. Due to the weight and size of the 410 watt roof replacement kit, we strongly recommend that the customer use a professional installer. Extra bracing will be necessary.


Star car 270

Star car 270


A 270 roof replacement panel on a Star Car

A 270 watt roof replacement was done for this Star Car.  The Star Car has strong upright supports and could handle this extra large top. A 270 roof replacement is a special order due to the extra mounting considerations.  It usually will require a third back brace set.



Picture of the solar golf cart owned by Linda of Frugal Dougal's Golf Cart Accessories.

Linda's solar golf cart is a 2002 Club Car DS with a 205 watt solar roof panel.  It features the decals that say
Helios Solar Powered.  It is fully street legal, and they drive it daily.  In the great Florida sun, the cart has
never been plugged in since it was converted to solar power.  September, 2011



Picture of a Solar Trike with our HSC 100 watt panel

Designed and constructed by William S Rake Of Reynoldsville Pennsylvania, September, 2011.

The three 12 volt 35 AH Power chair batteries under the seat make a 36 volt power pack to power the Phoenix Brute 
wheel motor in a 24" wheel kit, purchased from The Trike has rear wheel steering
and reverse as well as backup pedal power to keep it classified as a bicycle not requiring a license or insurance. The trike has enough power to take most hills without pedal assist. It is equipped with a plug in
36 volt Joule 3 Amp Smart charger and the HSC 100 watt solar charger which puts out 2.7 amps at 36 volts
in bright sun. The Trike weighs less than 200 lbs. The frame consists of about 35 ft of 1" X 2" X 1/8"
rectangular tubing. Material Construction cost, not including labor, was about $3500. Construction time was about 70 hours.

Key West High School, FL, Solar Golf Cart.


Key West High School's first solar 130 watt golf cart is for the football coach.  Pictured below are two of their cheerleaders. May, 2011.


Solar E-Z-GO TXT with a 205 watt solar panel top

The solar 205 watt E-Z-GO TXT golf cart owned by Lynne Perrin is seen here in the Cleveland, Missouri snow! May, 2011.


Picture of a Solar HSC 270 on a Club Car Hunt VE

Owned by Michael Malone, Hattiesburg, MS.  Extra supports were added by the owner to hold the back weight of the 270 panel roof. March, 2011.

Malone's Polaris

Malone's Polaris

A 210 watt solar kit on a Polaris

This is the second solar kit purchased by Michale Malone. It is mounted on a Polaris. He added
aluminum strips to widen the roof. "Works good," he says.  Also pictured is the underside of the
front of the cart with his fan and storage space. May, 2013.

410 Watt Solar Roof Tops on 6 passenger E-Z-GO Shuttle 6 golf carts for the College of Wooster and
Owens Community College in Ohio.

Frugal Dougal's Golf Cart Accessories worked with the Energy Systems Group to provide custom
6 passenger E-Z-GO Shuttle 6 golf carts to the College of Wooster and Owens Community College
in Ohio.  The carts are painted in the school colors and have the college's custom logo on the
cowl. February, 2011.


Eight passenger solar tramettes at the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, Coral Gables, FL.

"The solar tramettes are very successful.  The sign on the side says 'This cart is powered by the SUN'. We are
writing another grant to fund, hopefully, four more 8 passenger solar golf carts with the 410 watt tops." Suzanne Kores,
Director of Program Development, Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, March, 2011.

Solar HSC Universal 130 watt and 205 solar roof replacement top on two HDK Golf Carts


Below left is a HSC 130 Universal Solar roof panel on a HDK golf cart.  To the right is
the HSC 205 watt solar roof replacement.  In the foreground from the left is Spiro
Mavromates, President, Helios Solar Chargers, Linda Crismond,  President, Frugal Dougal's
Golf Cart Accessories, and Dave Broker, Store Manager, Fairway Golf Carts, Palm Harbor,
Florida. This was the first installation of our solar chargers on HDK golf carts. October, 2010. 

Detroit Zoo


Below is a picture of Ron Kagan, Director of the Detroit Zoo, with one of their 40 solar carts (SG 120's) taken
at the giraffe habitat and one of Gloria Copeland at the gorilla habitat



Patricia Mills Janeway, Communications Director, Detroit Zoological Society:  "The solar panels appear to be working as promised. 
Mike Nevala and other employees have noted that the carts seem to remain sufficiently charged for our daily normal use, which
is usually light to moderate without the need to plug them in.  Based on what we have seen so far, we believe it would be possible
to rely on solar charging for at least 60% of our normal golf cart use, only wall charging during periods of exceptionally
heavy use."  June, 2009.

Larry Ignash's Club Car DS with a SG 120 panel


The private Club Car owned by Larry Ignash, De Land, Florida.



SG 187 on a Security Golf Cart

Below is a picture of a solar security vehicle at a condominum complex in San Bruno, California.

2010 Star Car with our 205 Watt Solar Roof


"We are very happy with the Solar Star Cart.  I appreciate all the work you did to make
this purchase come about." Florian Reding, Tucson, AZ, March 2010

The HSC 205 on an E-Z-GO Med/TXT on a Florida golf course.

Below is a picture of the 205 watt mounted on a 6 passenger Star Car.



A High School Solar Project in Colorado

The high school students who are part of a Lockheed Martin Engineering Post in Colorado choose
our HSC 205 watt solar panel as the focus of a project to convert a golf cart to solar power.
They concluded in June 2010 that the panel was more efficient for the wattage than a competitor.

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