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Rear Seat Kits, Stationary and Fold Down with Flat Beds
Fold Down Aluminum or Steel Frame Rear Seat Kit

Fold Down Aluminum or Steel Frame Rear Seat Kit

Fold Down Aluminum or Steel Frame Rear Seat Kit
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A high quality fold down golf cart rear seat with a black powder coated rust resistant frame. Steel or Aluminum. On the right is the rear seat kit on a Club Car DS with the optional safety handle bar.

--You choose a steel or aluminum frame.
--Fits on late models of Club Car, E-Z-GO and Yamaha golf carts.
--Made of a strong steel frame designed to carry to passengers or a heavy cargo. The seat has a carrying capacity of 440 lbs.
--The unbreakable cargo bed is made out of High Density Polyethylene Sheet, 1/2" in diameter. The flat bed in the down position meausres 34.75" x 41.5".
--Mounting stainless steel hardware, zinc coated T-nuts, stainless steel piano hinge for longevity.
--Aluminum step plate, hand rails of 14 gauge steel, and black plastic backing.
--Frame is in black and all back rests are a single piece.
--Adding a rear seat to a lifted cart makes access more difficult.
--NEW. We have now added an extra step below the foot pad to make stepping up easier.
--The seats are form fitted which means smooth corners and no stitching to pull clothing or to come loose.
--The seat covers come in white, black or the off white colors that match the original factory color. Club Car DS Buff, Club Car Precedent Beige, E-Z-GO TXT Tan, E-Z-GO RXV Stone Beige,  Yamaha G14-G22 Ivory and Yamaha Drive Sand Stone. Not available with two-tone seats.
--Weight is 85 lbs. Extra shipping applies because of this weight.
--Add new springs to support the extra weight and improve stability. See new springs at the bottom of this page.
--A front seat cover matching set may be added.  Includes both the bottom and back.  Conforms to the factory front seat measurements and style.
--New top support are included in the price of the Club Car DS 1982-2000.5, Club Car Precedent and Yamaha G14-G19. The other rear seats will fit between the existing factory supports. unless your supports are mounted to your sweater basket. If this is the case, please call Customer Service, 727-487-6615.

Below is the vinyl seat cover color chart.

Optional extras:
     Safety handle bar
     Bag rack that attaches to the safety handle bar
     Roll bar in black or stainless steel (an ornamental roll bar)
     Extra step for easy access (important for lifted carts)
     Trailer hitch mounted to the step plate
     Matching front seat covers
     Heavy duty springs (shown as a separate item lower on this page)

100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Made in the USA. 

Extra Step for Rear Seat Step Plate

Extra Step for Rear Seat Step Plate

Extra Step for Rear Seat Step Plate
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Add an extra step to help access to a golf cart rear seat.

--It is best attached to a stronger steel rear seat step plate. 
--Made out of rust-proof aluminum.
--Allows easier entry to lifted golf carts.
--Improves access.

--Includes mounting hardware.
--Diamond plate pattern on step for better traction.
--Comes in black. Satin finish also available.
--Dimensions of the base are 12" x 8".
--Weight is 3 lbs.

Customers who ordered the Extra Step were also interested in the set of 2 Side Steps.

100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Made in the USA.

Rear Seat Kit Roll Bar, Universal

Rear Seat Kit Roll Bar, Universal

Rear Seat Kit Roll Bar, Universal
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A universal roll bar that fits on all makes of golf carts.

--A universal roll bar designed to work with golf carts that have a rear seat kit or cargo box on the back.
--The bar is ornamental and not design to be used as protection.
--Diameter of the tube is 1.25".
--Some drilling is required.
--Includes all hardware: mounting pads, washers, nuts and bolts.
--Comes with mounting instructions.
--Comes in black or stainless steel.

If you have a hard top presently on the cart, it can be replaced with a convertible top.

Customers who purchased this roll bar were also interested in a sports windshield, lift kits, and nerf bars.

100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Made in the USA. 

Fold Up Golf Cart Steel Rear Seat Kit

Fold Up Golf Cart Steel Rear Seat Kit

Fold Up Golf Cart Steel Rear Seat Kit
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A unique rear seat kit that folds up to hold your existing golf cart bag rack.

--Made out of steel.
--Weighs 111 lbs.
--This combo flip up rear seat works well in golf cart communities that will not allow a rear seat on the golf course.
--The foot plate hinges up for a compact area that holds the golf clubs.
--When the foot plate is in the up position, the well can be used to carry packages and groceries.
--The arm rests come with a padded cushion.
--Use your existing bag rack and reattach to the back of the flip up seat.
--Fits an E-Z-GO TXT and RXV, Club Car DS, 2000.5+, Club Car Precedent, Yamaha Drive, and the Star Car.
--Comes with good installation instructions.
--The Precedent and Drive includes new rear top supports.

Heavy duty springs are recommended for this seat.

Below is a picture of the rear seat kit in the down position.  Note, this rear seat features padded arm rests.




The rear seat kit is NOT returnable if shipped as ordered. If there is a manufacturer's defect or if the seat kit is not as you ordered, please contact Customer Service.

ALL rear seat kits are shipped by LTL Truck Freight, usually Con-Way or Southeastern Freight, because of their weight and the size of the box. These shipments must be made to a commercial address. We normally call you to confirm that your Ship To address is a commercial business establishment with large truck access. 


Made in the USA. 

Armrest Covers with Drink Holder - Set of 2

Armrest Covers with Drink Holder - Set of 2

Armrest Covers with Drink Holder - Set of 2
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A golf cart padded armrest cushion with a drink holder for a rear seat or a front seat that has a flat surface on the hip restraint.

--The universal armrest cover fits most golf cart rear seats.
--Is a set of two.
--The length is 17" and the cup holder diameter is 3".
--Covered in vinyl.
--Colors to match the Club Car, E-Z-GO and Yamaha tan, beige, and buff colors of your seats.
--Custom colors are available as well as two-tone colors. Call Customer Service for these combinations. 727-487-6615.
--Piping can be added at the edge seam in the same or a contrasting vinyl color.
--Comes with all the mounting hardware.

--Requires the drilling of holes using a 5/16" drill bit.
--Will work on square arm supports or round tubular arm supports.
--Facing front or facing back placement is by personal preference.
--The golf cart armrest kit includes an installation guide and hole template.

Due to the many color combinations and the different golf cart makes and models, all the armrest covers are custom made and are not returnable.

Below is a sample of some of the colors and the armrests in Hidden Creek Marsh camouflage. See the camo color chart on the Camouflage products page.

Below are the armrests on a Club Car DS rear seat kit

Below are the arm rests in two tone vinyl with a contrasting pipping. Very elegant!



Please allow 2 weeks to ship the armrest covers.


Made in the USA.


"Our purple and black arm rests with the cup holders arrived today, and they look great!"  Michael Shade, September, 2010.

"Great seller really nice arm rest i love them THANKS!!! AAAAAAAAAA+++++" eBay customer, July 2011.


Seat Belt Set on Universal Mounting Bar

Seat Belt Set on Universal Mounting Bar

Seat Belt Set on Universal Mounting Bar
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Golf cart seat belts are a frugal investment for a big safety return. These seat belts come already on the sturdy mounting bar in either the retractable or non retractable standard style. The Universal mounting bar works on Club Car, E-Z-GO, Yamaha, and most other golf carts

There are 15,000 golf cart related injuries requiring emergency room treatment in the US each year which could have been prevented if the passenger was wearing a seat belt. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Most street legal golf carts are required to have seat belts to keep the passengers safe, and the rules in golf cart communities are being expanded to require seat belts. For a full report on golf cart safety issues, please follow this link to a Technology Associates report,

If kids are passengers in the golf cart, seat belts are essential for their safety. This is why:

One universal bar will accommodate two sets of seat belts for the front and back seat.  If you would like the second set of seat belts, you are given the ordering option below.

To the right is a picture of the bar with a set of 2 retractable seat belts.

--Mounting bar is made of steel with a black rust-preventive coating.
--Choice of retractable seat belt or standard nonretractable seat belt.
--Belts are made out of flexible nylon. The belt holders are made out of plastic.
--The retractable push button seat belt has a 9" receiver and a 46" retractable belt. The nonretractable lap seat belt is in two pieces, the total length of which is 81".
--The seat belts come in black only.
--The mounting bars come with hardware. Some drilling may be required. Belts are predrilled for the mounting bolts. The bars are generally attached to the golf cart seat back brackets.
--The mounting bar will accommodate the addition of a second set of seat belts. These belts would be ordered separately. Separate seat belts would be attached with a longer mounting bolt which is not supplied. We recommend a Grade 5 bolt for strength.
--The seat belt bar will not fit on a two passenger Club Car Precedent. Please see below for the Precedent option. If you have a Precedent with a rear seat kit, the universal bar will work and is mounted to the seat supports for the rear seat.

Below is a picture of the retractable and the standard nonretractable seat belts.

One year warranty.

Made in the USA. 
Heavy Duty Springs - Set of Two Springs

Heavy Duty Springs - Set of Two Springs

Heavy Duty Springs - Set of Two Springs
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Heavy duty springs are used for golf carts with lift kits, rear seat kits, and cargo and utility boxes. Heavy duty springs enhance the stability, performance, and ride quality of the golf cart.

--Increase your cart's off road capabilities.
--Set of 2 rear heavy duty springs.
--These are 4 leaf springs which adds height and a greater spring.
--Come complete with mounting hardware.
--Bushings are included for the Club Car DS and E-Z-GO Med/TXT golf carts. The springs can be used on lifted or non-lifted carts.
--For the Club Car Precedent, you would use the existing bushings and sleeves on lifted carts. The non-lifted Club Car Precedent springs come with U bolts.
--Made of steel.
--Work on gas or electric golf carts.
--These heavy duty springs are not available for Yamaha golf carts.

100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Made in the USA.

Heavy Duty Coil over Springs, Set of 2, Yamaha G14-Drive

Heavy Duty Coil over Springs, Set of 2, Yamaha G14-Drive

Heavy Duty Coil over Springs, Set of 2, Yamaha G14-Drive
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Heavy duty replacement coils over existing springs for the Yamaha G14-Drive 2.

--Comes as a set of 2 springs and 2 mounting collars.
--Fit the Yamaha G14/G16/G19, G22 and the Drive (G29).
--Provides extra rear support for heavy rear seats, lift kits, and cargo utility boxes.
--Stiffens the cart to prevent "rear squatting."
--Simply remove your existing coil over springs and replace them with the heavy duty springs.  
--Easy installation.
--Works on lifted and non lifted carts.
--Results in better steering control when the cart is loaded with cargo or people.


Let our friendly customer service staff answer your questions about either of our golf cart rear seat kits.  Our popular fold down back seat kit is on sale. We offer custom golf cart two tone seat covers too with matching arm rest and drink holders. Please click on any of the golf cart accessories to the left to get full technical descriptions, prices, and ordering information. Make your golf cart look the best in town with golf cart accessories from Frugal Dougal’s Golf Cart Accessories!

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