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Golf Cart Sound System with Radio, CD Player & Console
Radio Stereo Sound System & Console

Radio Stereo Sound System & Console

Radio Stereo Sound System & Console
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This radio sound stereo system in on sale only for Spring 2019 for $325 complete.  See below for the ordering information.

A complete marine-grade sound stereo system for your golf cart including a Pioneer radio, CD player, satellite radio, built in speakers and antenna, and a water tight console with a dust-protective radio shield.  Our many customers say the system has absolutely great sound!

The compact radio console mounts overhead under the golf cart top. It is a turn-key sound system that takes only one hour to install. There is a link to the installation instructions below.

To the right is the golf cart radio stereo system mounted on a Tomberlin E-Merge golf cart. This is a universal radio stereo system that fits to the underside of most golf cart roofs including the popular Club Car, E-Z-GO, and Yamaha golf carts. The mounting foam pad allows the console to be mounted to tops with different contours and ensures a tight fit. lt also cushions the radio when driving over rough terrain. This mounting pad is included FREE with the radio system.

FREE Mounting Pad.

--The DEH Pioneer radio is a 50 watts x 4, 200 total watts MOSFET CD player with an AM/FM tuner with a 3 band equalizer.
--Compared to conventional power supplies, the MOSFET amplification circuit is smaller and more efficient, and it delivers power with less distortion. This means the music in your golf cart will be cleaner at higher volumes.
--The kit includes a high quality built in AM/FM antenna.
--The speakers are "Aquavibe" 80 watt coaxial speakers.
--MP3 playback with volume and memory settings.
--Connect your portable devices directly through the front AUX input.
--Satellite Radio Ready for XM or Sirius through the front AUX input.
--iPod or MP3 through the front AUX input.
--Card remote control to activate the golf cart sound system.
--Detachable face security for the radio.
--The radio stereo system comes within a black compact console ready for overhead mounting.
--The overall dimensions of the console are: 18" length x 8.5" width x 5" height. This is the most compact overhead golf cart console available.
--A universal fit for all golf carts including Club Car, E-Z-GO, and Yamaha golf carts. Longer bolts are provided for tops that have a dome shape like the Star Car.
--The compact unit comes with complete installation instructions. See below for a link to these instructions.
--The console is bolted to the golf cart top and uses self-sealing neoprene washers to prevent roof leaks. In order to accommodate many roof shapes, three lengths of bolts are provided. You choose the length that fits with your golf cart top.
--A weather resistant ABS mobile console housing is built tough using the latest injection molding technologies to provide a durable design.
--The marine speakers are water, UV, and corrosion resistant and have a one-piece molded grill for speaker protection and durability.
--The stereo package does not include a Voltage Converter to convert from 12 volts to your golf cart battery bank voltage. The Voltage Converter is listed as a separate product below.
--The sound system works with golf cart gas engines that have a 12 volt operating system.
--Please be advised that, for electric golf carts, the motor generates an electric field that is the same frequency as that of the AM radio. Hence, when the electric golf cart is under way, a static interference may prevent the radio from receiving a clear AM signal.

A foam pad is included as a FREE addition to improve the effectiveness of the console installation. This allows for a tighter fit for dome-shaped tops such as the factory tops for the Club Car Precedent, E-Z-GO RXV, Yamaha Drive, Star Car, and the Tomberlin E-Merge golf carts. Also, the foam lessens vibration to improve sound. The foam is cut to fit the exact dimensions of the console.

The stereo sound system comes with a one year 100% manufacturer's warranty. Comes with all hardware and installation instructions. See below for pictures of the Pioneer radio, console, and speakers.


On Sale for Spring 2019. While supplies last. This is the lowest price you will find! Immediate shipping with tracking emailed to you.

  You may view the golf cart radio Installation Instructions here.

You may download the User's Manual for the Pioneer radio through the following link:


"Radio is installed, great unit, thank you for your good service."  Mike M.,Garrison, ND., March, 2016.

"I love the radio. Beautiful sound." Marty D., Ithaca, MI, March, 2015.

"Radio is great, very simple to install. Thanks!" Ben C., North Myrtle Beach, SC, September, 2014.

"The radio is working great.  The sound quality is very good.  I purchased this unit because I have one in my other cart.  Bluetooth and USB working fine." David G., The Villages, FL, March 2014.

"We just received the radio and it is awesome! We are thoroughly happy with the sound system" Kim N.,  O'Fallon, MO, June, 2013.

"I mounted the radio in a Tomberlin. It worked perfectly and sounds great." Rex G., Fairway vehicles, Salado, TX, July, 2012.

"The radio was delivered the next day.  Great service. The radio was easy to install and sounds great. It was my pleasure speaking with you." Kevin H., Sterling, VA., July, 2012.

"I cannot believe the CD Disk/Radio console came so quick! You sent it out one day, and it arrive the very next day! What great customer service! Thanks again Frugal Dougal's Golf Car Accessories. You are the best!" Mark F., Bremen, OH, June, 2012.

"The radio sounds beautiful. Better than I was hoping for. I'm super happy with it. People seem to like the looks of my cart. It's the music coming from it that makes them all snap their heads around to look at it, though." Jimmy Frappier, The Villages, FL, July 2010.

"We're a LSV electric vehicle dealer in North Central Okalahoma and started using Frugal Dougal's overhead stereo system last year.  We've installed over 50 units and are very pleased with the customer service and product quality we receive.  All of our customers really like the rugged waterproof design of the system." Jesse Colmenero, H2O Sports Unlimited, Stillwater, OK, March, 2010.

"The sound is awesome!! It is compact and much better than the long consoles. The radio's amplified antenna allows for great reception even inside the building.  I like the front cover that keeps the dust out of the Pioneer radio." Stacy Riddick, Summerfield, FL, June, 2008.

"The radio is excellent! Glad I also bought the pad because it helped with a tight fit."  Harold Campbell, Norfolk, VA, October, 2009.


Voltage Converter

Voltage Converter

Voltage Converter
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A golf cart voltage converter is highly recommended for 12 volt accessories that are connect to a 24, 36, or 48 volt golf cart battery banks. Without the converter, one or two of your golf cart batteries might become unduly drained.

Most golf cart accessories are driven by 12 volts, such as the radio, lights, turn signals and other electronic devises.  They can be connected directly to one 12 volt battery or two 6 volt batteries.  For golf carts with 8 volt batteries, such as most Club Car and Yamaha golf carts, a voltage converter is required. A voltage converter prevents an undue charge on one or two batteries and spreads the charge across the battery bank.

  This converter can run a load of 30 amps which is plenty for the sound system (uses 5 amps) and other golf cart accessories such as head lights and brake lights, turn signals, and fans.

--The DC-DC converter input is 20-80 volts; output is 12-14 volts.
--Draws evenly off the entire golf cart battery pack, not just one or two.
--Provides a continuous charge.
--Weighs 5 lbs.
--Dimensions 3" height x 7" width x 5" depth.
--Thermally protected and sealed against humidity.
--The voltage reducer is small and can be mounted to any inconspicuous place.
--All connecting and mounting hardware is included.
--One year warranty.


Let our friendly customer service staff answer your questions about our golf cart radio stereo sound system. The golf cart overhead console is the most compact console available with the Pioneer radio, antenna, and speakers all built it.  Preserve your golf cart batteries and add the voltage convertor to your purchase. Please click on any of the golf cart accessories to the left to get full technical descriptions, prices, and ordering information. Make your golf cart look the best in town with golf cart accessories from Frugal Dougal’s Golf Cart Accessories!

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