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Universal Golf Cart Solar Panel, 105-440  watts.
Universal Golf Cart Solar Panel, 105-440  watts.

Universal Golf Cart Solar Panel, 105-440 watts.

Universal Golf Cart Solar Panel, 105-440  watts.
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Once again, we dramatically reduced the price of the 105 watt golf cart roof top mounted solar kit, effective April, 2014. The SALE price is now $600 for the complete kit. The wattage has also been increased from 100 watts to 105 watts. The next larger roof top mounted kit has been increased in wattage from 220 to 235 watts.  It fits on an extended 80" top.

This solar roof panel kit is a powerful Universal golf cart solar roof top kit available with a 105 watt solar panel. It works well with golf carts driven about 6 miles or less per day in peak sun. As a rule of thumb, for every hour the golf cart is out in the sun, it will drive one mile further. An eco-friendly solar electric hybrid vehicle.

The picture to the right is the Universal solar top on a Star Car golf cart.

--A low cost high performance solar charging system.
--Mounts on top of your existing golf cart roof. Uses Z-bracket mounting feet and stainless steel bolts to attach to the top. The bolt head underneath includes fender washers and a rubber seal.
--Wiring is through the rear top support.
--Dimensions are 45" x 27".
--Weight is 28 lbs.
--Extends the life of your batteries because solar power keeps a constant charge when the golf cart is outside.
--The golf cart solar roof panel is a complete kit including the solar panel, all stainless steel mounting hardware, and the intelligent controller.
--The photovoltaic solar panel is held securely in a sturdy aluminum frame.
--Uses monocrystaline silicon technology which is more efficient in converting sunlight power at lower levels such as early morning or late afternoon
--The kit features a Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) controller that monitors, boosts, and optimizes the charging process for high power output and reverse polarity protection. See the link below to Frequently Asked Questions for a more detailed description of the charging process.
--Simple and easy to install.
--Charges a 36 volt, 48 volt or 72 volt golf cart battery bank. 
--A 12 volt charger kit is offered for gas carts with one 12 volt battery.
--A universal solar panel that will fit on all golf carts including Club Car, E-Z-GO, Yamaha, Star Car, Tomberlin E-Merge, Bad Boy Buggy, HDK, Stealth, and Fairplay golf carts.
--30% of the purchase price can be applied as a Federal Tax credit. In some states, such as Florida, state sales taxes do not apply to the solar purchase. In December 2015, Congress extended the solar tax credit for 5 more years though 2021.

Two year warranty on all parts and labor.

Below is a creative use of the HSC 100 solar kit. The panel powers a 36 volt battery on this custom trike built by William S. Rake, Reynoldsville, PA, September 2011. For more details, please go to our Solar Photo Gallery.


New. We are now offering the universal roof top mounted in the higher wattages of 235 watts and 285 watts. The 235 watt roof is 65" long and requires an extended top length of 80". The 285 watt roof is 84" in length and requires an extended top for a 6 passenger vehicle. Please see these options below. A further option is the 440 watt kit which is 140" x 45" x 3" and weighs 130 lbs.

Below us a picture of a 6 passenger Star Car with the top mounted 235 watt panel. The Star Car has a dome roof that requires extra long brackets. There is an extra charge of $300 for these brackets. Please call Customer Service if you have a Star Car and want a top mounted solar kit.

Below are the components in the solar 105 watt roof top kit.

Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for shipment. There is a No Return Policy for all of our solar products unless they are defective or damaged in delivery.

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