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Light Kit for Under the Body of the Golf Cart
Light Kit for Under the Body of the Golf Cart

Light Kit for Under the Body of the Golf Cart

Light Kit for Under the Body of the Golf Cart
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Let your golf cart really stand out with this LED light kit for under the cart. It can be set to flash like a strobe or rotate among the 4 tubes.  The 7 brilliant solid colors can be blended to create an infinity of different shades. The lights shine to the side and back of the cart for safe exiting at night.

--Four 24" high impact water resistant flexible tubes.
--108 ultra bright wide angle LED lights.
--Fits on all golf carts. Works on regular or lifted golf carts.
--The lights are powered by a 12 volt system. A voltage converter is recommended to spread the charge across the full battery bank, especially if you have other 12 volt accessories.
--Draws less than 3 amps.
--Easy-to-use control box.
--The kit includes a 4-button wireless remote.
--7 solid primary color modes include red, blue, green, yellow, purple, aqua, and white.
--You can pause the fade between the primary colors to create an infinite number of colors.  How about bright orange for Halloween?
--Wide angle light shines on the side and back of the cart enlargening the lighting effect and improving the ability of getting off the cart at night.  This is a good safety feature.
--The control box changes the lighting effects.
     -5 Flash Modes give the effect of a strobe light.
     -5 Scan Modes rotate the light between the 4 tubes.
     -5 Chase Modes will flash the light around the golf cart.
     -4 different brightness levels.
     -7 solid colors and an infinity of shades in between.
     -5 Sound Modes will pick up the beat of music that is playing and activate the mode you are in to that beat. So, for example, the flash mode will be to the beat of the nearby music.  Just turn on your radio or park next to the band.

--All mounting hardware including self-tapping screws and zip ties.
--12 feet of power wire is included for maximum mounting capability.
--Easy-to-install instructions are included.

One year warranty.

Below is a picture of the kit.

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