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Voltage Converter
Voltage Converter

Voltage Converter

Voltage Converter
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A golf cart voltage converter is highly recommended for 12 volt accessories that are connect to a 24, 36, or 48 volt golf cart battery banks. Without the converter, one or two of your golf cart batteries might become unduly drained.

Most golf cart accessories are driven by 12 volts, such as the radio, lights, turn signals and other electronic devises.  They can be connected directly to one 12 volt battery or two 6 volt batteries.  For golf carts with 8 volt batteries, such as most Club Car and Yamaha golf carts, a voltage converter is required. A voltage converter prevents an undue charge on one or two batteries and spreads the charge across the battery bank.

  This converter can run a load of 30 amps which is plenty for the sound system (uses 5 amps) and other golf cart accessories such as head lights and brake lights, turn signals, and fans.

--The DC-DC converter input is 20-80 volts; output is 12-14 volts.
--Draws evenly off the entire golf cart battery pack, not just one or two.
--Provides a continuous charge.
--Weighs 5 lbs.
--Dimensions 3" height x 7" width x 5" depth.
--Thermally protected and sealed against humidity.
--The voltage reducer is small and can be mounted to any inconspicuous place.
--All connecting and mounting hardware is included.
--One year warranty.

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