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Convertible Golf Cart Top
Convertible Golf Cart Top

Convertible Golf Cart Top

Convertible Golf Cart Top
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A high quality convertible folding universal golf cart soft top that fits on Club Car, E-Z-GO, Yamaha, Star Car, and other golf carts. These soft tops are made of Sunbrella cloth fabric, a highly durable fade resistent canvas like material. They fold down for storage in your garage or in a trailer. The convertible top is also called a rag top for a golf cart. The frame is heavy duty rust-proof  aluminum. The sport windshield works well with the convertible top as shown in the picture to the right.

--The Sunbrella top's dimensions are 45" width X 64" length. The center height from the hinge at the back of the seat upward is 32".
--A Bimini style golf cart canopy top.
--This fold down roof is excellent for golf carts that need to be stored in tight spaces like trailers or garages. Ideal for race car stacker trailers.
--Hardware is included.
--The golf cart top's frame is held in position with Polypropylene 6000 lb. tensile strength adjustable straps. The straps will extend to fit a 4 passenger golf cart or a golf cart with a rear cargo box. The straps and zippers come in black only.
--The supports fit into the existing top support plugs on the body of the cart.  
--The Sunbrella fabric is guaranteed to not fade or lose its strength for at least five years.
--The canopy comes in two standard Sunbrella awning fabric colors: Slate Black (Sunbrella # 4684) and Toast (Sunbrella # 80028). 
--You can customize the Sunbrella top and choose any solid Sunbrella color for an additional $45.  Please see the color chart below.This means you can use a solid Sunbrella color to contrast with your striped Sunbrella seat covers.  The convertible top does not come in stripe patterns. The outside binding will come in the matching  Sunbrella color. Please allow extra delivery time for custom colors. Custom color convertible tops are not returnable. 

--The top folds down neatly behind the golf club bags and rests on the rear bumper on a 2 passenger cart for complete protection.
--The golf cart top includes a boot type cover that protects the Sunbrella fabric when it is in the down position. It has a zipper opening.  The cover is in the same color as the top Sunbrella fabric. It keeps the top protected and looking neat when it is in the down position.
--For golf carts with rear seat kits, the top in the down position rests on the foot rest or the arm rests.  For golf carts with a cargo box, depending on the length, the top may rest in the down position toward the back of the cargo box.
--Sunbrella fabrics are designed to be breathable, so they are water repellent but not completely waterproof. 

--A link to the installation instructions is given below.

Please note that the hinges and frame of the convertible top are not to be used as handles. The installation instructions caution that improper use may make the hinges break.  Replacement hinges are available for $35 each. Please call Customer Service, 727-487-6615.

Below are samples of the Sunbrella Slate Black and Toast colors.

The picture above is the convertible top on an E-Z-GO in the standard toast color. Below is a picture of a Club Car Precedent where our customer added the convertible top and sport windshield  in black for a retro look.


 Below is a Yamaha G14 with the top in the down position resting on the rear seat arm rests.  This customer also ordered a custom Sunbrella color of Charcoal Gray (4644) with custom binding in Mediterranean Blue (4652) to match his custom rear seat covers which we also supplied. The cart has a sport windshield in stainless steel.


Below left is a picture from the back of the convertible top with a roll bar and a stainless steel sport windshield  on a custom Club Car DS golf cart. Please see Les D.'s comments below where he says the top was installed in 10 minutes. To the right is an E-Z-GO TXT  racing team cart owned by Shelly M. who says they love the top.


Who said the convertible top is not strong!  Look at this golf cart convertible top holding four river rafts!!

Below is a John Deere with the convertible top mounted to the front and behind the cargo box.  Other carts with a cargo box can have a similar mounting.

Here is the convertible top on a oldie-but-goody Harley Davidson three-wheeler golf cart. The owner said the top works well.

 One year warranty.

For more pictures of the convertible top, please look at our photo gallery.

You can review the installation instructions here.

Please allow seven days to ship.

Below is a chart of the custom Sunbrella colors which are available for an extra charge of  $45. When choosing one of these colors, please include the name in the ordering box below.


Made in the USA.

You may want to consider a sport windshield with your convertible top order.

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