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Tops & Roofs - Complete Kit
Tops & Roofs - Complete Kit

Tops & Roofs - Complete Kit

Tops & Roofs - Complete Kit
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The regular length (53"/56") golf cart roof top kits are designed and manufactured using unbreakable .140 polyethylene. The extended golf cart tops (80") are made out of ABS plastic and have a reinforcement band around the edge as shown in the bottom picture below of a Yamaha G2/G9 top. The golf cart roof top assembly kits include the top, windshield frame, rear frames, a full set of hardware and installation instructions. Fold down or one piece windshields can be purchased separately. Also, you might consider a 3 or 4 sided enclosure to keep you warm and dry.

All of our hard golf cart tops, roofs, canopies 53"-56" complete kits are on SALE for $196.00. You can add a fold down windshield to your order for the sale price of $97. We are offering further savings on the Yamaha G2 G9 tops and windshields. The complete top kit for the Yamaha G2 G9 is only $176, and Yamaha G2 G9 folding windshield is only $90. An extended 80" top kit for the G2 G9 is only $301!

We specialize in tops, roofs, and canopies for older golf carts and offer regular length tops and extended tops for the Club Car, E-Z-GO, and Yamaha golf carts. Windshields are available for any of these golf cart tops. We offer a universal top only that comes with no holes or supports. The universal top comes in 53", 56" and 80" length and can be used with golf carts manufactured by other companies.

--The golf cart roofs include built in channels and drains.
--Factory replica tops conform to factory design. They do not have hand holds. Factory windshields will fit on these tops.
--Fleet tops are after market tops and are designed with three ridges. The after market golf cart top is not as thick as the original factory top, and the top does not include hand holds in the roof. The windshield frame dimensions are different than the factory measurements meaning that the factory windshield may not fit on this top. 
--The tops are made for regular 2-passenger golf carts (53"/56") and extended 4-passenger golf carts (80").
--The width of the tops vary from 39 9/16 to 41 3/16 for the standard length tops. The 80" tops are 42 1/2" in width.
--The height from the bottom of the windshield frame to the top of the roof for the 53/56" top is approximately 44". The 80" tops are 4-5' taller with the average height being 48". The height of the 80" top only is 6" and its thickness in 1/8".
--Supports are made of attractive, durable aluminum tubing with plated hardware for long life and are 1" in diameter. Please note that these are slightly larger than the E-Z-GO factory 3/4" in diameter frames. The roof supports are in a black or aluminum color depending on the golf cart make and model. Please see below for a link to a chart of the support color variations.
--Unitized frames give the roofs added strength and rigidity to prevent the top from warping.
--Installation instructions are included.
--Regular tops come in shell white or beige, and the extended top also comes in black.
--Frugal Dougal's features tops for the older golf carts including the Club Car 1982-2000.5, the E-Z-GO 1980-1985, the E-Z-GO 1986-1993 Marathon, and the Yamaha G1, G2/G9, and G8.
--The Yamaha G1 roof is unique in that the entire G1 golf cart body, including seats, lifts up and back to reveal the motor. In order to accommodate this construction, our Yamaha G1 top includes a bolt with wing nuts that secures and separates the top from the windshield frame. For these reasons, the Yamaha G1 roof is more expensive than our other tops. You can see a picture below of a Yamaha G1 below with this top and our G1 fold down windshield. The 80" top is not available for a G1.

--Due to the bulky nature and size of the golf cart roof tops, shipment is made through a traceable truck freight, and an extra shipping and handling charge will apply.

--Please note that the windshield frame for the after market tops may not fit your existing windshield unless you purchased that windshield from Frugal Dougal's Golf Cart Accessories. The only exceptions are the tops for the 56" Club Car 82-99 factory replica and utility car and the 53" Yamaha G14/G16/G19 factory replica top; the windshield frame for these carts will fit a factory windshield. Therefore, if you need a windshield with your top, we strongly recommend you purchase them together to ensure a good fit.

If you do not know the model and year of manufacture of your golf cart, please call Customer Service, and we will help you. 727-487-6615.

The 80" extended tops will fit most golf carts with a rear seat kit. However, the rear supports may require modification for rear seats that are wider than those offered by us or that are directly bolted to the back of the front seat. If you are unsure whether our top will fit on your cart, please call Customer Service at 727-487-6615.  If you email us with a picture of the back and side of your cart, we can clarify which rear seat kit you have and if our top will fit on your golf cart.

The rear supports for a 53" - 56" top are designed to be attached to the sweater basket. If you do not have a sweater basket, before you order, please email us a picture of the side and back of your cart. We want to make sure we send you rear supports that will fit your cart.  If you have any questions, please call Customer Service at 727-487-6615.

Below is the color contrast between the beige and shell white tops.


Above is a picture of a factory replica top on a Yamaha golf cart.

Below on the left is the extended 80" after market top on an E-Z-GO RXV with a rear seat kit in beige. The center photo is an extended after market black top on an earlier Club Car DS golf cart. On the right is a decked out Yamaha G1 golf cart with a new top and tinted windshield. Please see the G1 owner's comment below.

Customer John M. is proud of his remodel of a Yamaha G1 for which we supplied the top and windshield.

Our windshield frame is the only one which uses reinforcement in the tubing to eliminate stress and break-out from occurring at the bolt points on the cowl of the golf cart. Below is a picture of a custom University of Michigan Yamaha G9 cart with an extended top. The top was painted with krylon fusion spray paint with clear coat over top. The krylon fusion bonds to plastic instantly, and the clear coat protects it and gives it that glossy look. This cart also has our rear seat kit, windshield, and two-tone seat covers. Please see Jodi W."s comments below

Please allow up to 5 days for the top to be shipped.

All tops are NOT returnable if shipped as ordered. If there is a manufacturer's defect or if the top is not as you ordered, please contact Customer Service.

ALL hard tops are shipped by LTL Truck Freight, usually Con-Way or Southeastern Freight, because of their weight and the size of the box. These shipments must be made to a commercial address. We normally call you to confirm that your Ship To address is a commercial business establishment with large truck access.

Made in the USA. 

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