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Fold Down Aluminum Rear Seat Kit
Fold Down Aluminum Rear Seat Kit

Fold Down Aluminum Rear Seat Kit

Fold Down Aluminum Rear Seat Kit
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Most of our aluminum fold down back seat kits are on a BIG SALE for $399. You won't find this high quality Made in the USA aluminum rear seat kit for any lower price.

-Light weight rust-free aluminum construction. 
-The golf cart back seat kit weighs 75 lbs. It is Made in the USA. You can be assured of the quality.
-Full-length arm rest.
-NO extra charge for the safety handle.
-Easy access on and off. The arm rests extend only to the edge of the bottom seat.
-For gas golf carts with a gas tank on the back, there is adequate space between the seat bottom and the tank to allow for filling the tank.
-Offers more seat room that the standard golf cart rear seat kit.
-Seats are made of a vacuum formable 67 gauge high mildew resistant vinyl fabric.
-The under seat flat bed is made out of high-density polyethylene. It measures 43 3/4" wide x 38 3/4" long when it is folded down.
-The rear seat extends 2 feet beyond the golf cart bumper, including the foot step plate and safety bar.
-The back seat back conforms to the style of the front seat back. For example, a Club Car DS golf cart, 1982-2000.5, front seat has 2 seat backs. Therefore, the rear seat kit will come with 2 seat backs. Likewise, a Club Car DS golf cart, 2000.5 and u  has a single bench type seat back in the front. Therefore, the rear seat back will also come as a single seat back. Also, the rear seat frame will be the same as the original front seat in aluminum or black.
-Please note that we do not offer a rear seat kit for the Yamaha G8. The design of the rear body of this cart was not consistent and, therefore, it is difficult to fit a rear seat.
-The seat converts easily to a flat bed.
-The flat bed and foot rest are made of extra strength, light weight polyethylene. This material is resistant to chemicals and moisture.
-The safety handle is included with the fold down rear seat. A golf bag rack is not available for this rear seat due to the shape of the safety handle.
-Includes all hardware for mounting.

New springs are not required for this lighter weight  aluminum rear seat kit unless you intend to carry a heavy load in the back.

The golf cart rear seat cover is available in universal white, and for the Club Car in Buff, for the E-Z-GO in Tan, for the E-Z-GO RXV in Stone Beige, for the Yamaha G2-G22 in Oyster/Ivory, and for the Yamaha Drive in Sand Stone. Black and any other single color is a special color with an extra cost. If you would like a vinyl color for your seats other than these colors, we have quite a selection of special colors. Please call Customer Service for your options, 727-487-6615. Please note that special colors are all custom orders and are not returnable. Also, please allow 2-3 weeks to ship for custom orders.

The seat covers are also available in two tone colors. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery for the two tone seat covers. Please note that the two tone golf cart rear seat kits are custom made, and they are not returnable. The center strip comes in a pleated pattern.

If you are also looking for a front seat replacement, you will find these on our replacement seat page.

Optional arm rest covers with drink holders are available below in colors to match your seat covers. See below.

If you have a top on your golf cart, new rear supports are required for the Club Cars, most Yamaha's, and all E-Z-GO golf carts except the E-Z-GO RXV golf cart. The factory top supports for the Yamaha Drive will fit with our rear seat kit.  Also, the Yamaha G2/G9 golf carts do not need new supports if the existing supports are side mounted rather than mounted to the bag rack. Please see the Yamaha G9 pictures below. Choose aluminum or black color rear supports to match your front supports. The supports are made out of aluminum. Please note that when mounting the new rear supports, you will use the existing hardware from the old supports.

The aluminum seat support structure comes in either aluminum or black color to match your front seat frame and the top supports for your roof. See below for a link to a chart for the standard color for each golf cart make and model. Most golf cart make and models come in the aluminum color. However, the Club Car DS, 2000.5 and up, Club Car Precedent, E-Z-GO Med/TXT, E-Z-GO RXV and Yamaha Drive golf carts all come in powder coated black. The seat frames of a few of the models come in aluminum as the primary choice but they can also come with a black frame. If you choose the secondary color, this becomes a special order, and there is a $50 extra charge. Please call Customer Service, 727-487-6615, if you want the frame in the secondary color.

Top off your purchase of the rear seat with a new extended 80" roof canopy for your golf cart and keep your passengers dry and in the shade. Add new springs to improve stability and better steering control. See bottom of this page for Club, E-Z-GO and Yamaha springs.

Please note for the Club Car Precedent golf cart. If your golf cart has a short 56" top, the installation of the rear seat will interfere with the factory top drainage system. Using our replacement rear supports, the water will drain between the front and rear seat rather than inside the back supports. Also, the Precedent golf cart has a taller body than other golf carts. For this reason, when a rear seat is added, there is less room between the seat and the 56" top meaning an adult may bump their head on the back of the top. You might want to consider the 80" replacement top which is 4-5" taller than the 56" top when you are adding a rear seat to a Precedent for both the extra room and the comfort from the weather.

Matching front-facing golf cart seat covers are available in single color or in elegant two-tone matching colors. Please note that these are custom made and will take two weeks to ship. Shown below in sequence are the red with black, gray with white, black with white, red with white, burgundy with white, and navy with white combinations. The colors shown may vary from the actual product. These seat covers are attached by staples to the underside of the seat to ensure a tight fit. Call Customer Services for custom color combinations, 727-487-615.

Below is a picture of a customer's old style Club Car DS golf cart with our fold down rear seat kit and custom color matching front and rear seats in smooth black with a light grey pleat in the center. Check out the arm rest covers with drink holders which have been added to the rear seat arm rests.

Below is a picture of a customer's Yamaha G9 golf cart with our fold down rear seat in the oyster ivory color.  This customer did not order new rear top supports because his existing supports are mounted to the side of the front seat. They did not interfere with the installation of the rear seat.

Below is a picture also of a Yamaha G9. In this case, the tops supports are attached to the sweater basket.  If your back top supports are mounted to the sweater basket, then you will need to purchase new rear supports in order to install the rear seat kit.

You can add plush arm rest drink holders to your order. See the arm rest holders page.


If you do not know the model and year of manufacture of your golf cart, please call Customer Service, and we will help you. 727-487-6615.


Made in the USA. 

Please allow up to 5 days for the golf cart rear seat kit to be shipped.

All rear seat kits are NOT returnable if shipped as ordered. If there is a manufacturer's defect or if the rear seat kit is not as you ordered, please contact Customer Service.

ALL rear seat kits are shipped by LTL Truck Freight, usually Con-Way or Southeastern Freight, because of their weight and the size of the box. These shipments must be made to a commercial address. We normally call you to confirm that your Ship To address is a commercial business establishment with large truck access.

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