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One-Piece Department of Transportation Windshield
One-Piece Department of Transportation Windshield

One-Piece Department of Transportation Windshield

The one-piece windshield is a complete kit including mounting hardware and installation instructions made with a hard coating to meet Department of Transportation requirements for street legal golf carts.  

-Available in a clear only.
-Includes hardware and mounting clips.
-The golf cart windshield width measurements below are to the outside of the windshield frames. They conform to factory specifications. The windshield is made to attach to a 1" diameter frame, and an E-Z-GO 3/4" windshield frame. Because other golf cart top manufacturers may have different dimensions for their windshield frames, we ask that you check the measurements before you order to ensure a good fit.

-The windshields for the Columbia ParCar, Fairplay, Hyundai, Melex, and Star Cars are special cut upon order. Please allow a few extra days for delivery.

-Frugal Dougal's features windshields for the older golf carts including the Club Car 1982-1999, the E-Z-GO 1980-1985, the E-Z-GO 1986-1993 Marathon, and the Yamaha G1, G2/G9, and G8.

-Frugal Dougal's offers a one piece clear windshield available for street ready golf carts.
-This Department of Transportation (DOT)-approved windshield is made of the ultra strength polycarbonate material with a hard coat film over the top.
-It can withstand the potential scratches from a windshield wiper. The windshield is also highly resistant to high impact, weathering, and abrasions.
-It is available for all of the golf cart makes and models listed below.
-The windshield comes with a DOT-approved specifications routed into the windshield on the lower driver's side. This will include the following: AS4/AS5 M177 (optical quality and model number), Lexan MRT (Lexan polycarbonate sheet and the MRT grade), Pro Master Inc. (manufacturer), and DOT 933 (the DOT code). This information can be used to pass a physical examination for a VIN number.
-There is a two-week shipping time on all DOT-approved windshields. Please call Customer Service, 727-487-6615, if you would also like a manually operated windshield wiper.

Made in the USA.

All windshields are NOT returnable if shipped as ordered. If there is a manufacturer's defect or if the windshield is not as you ordered, please contact Customer Service.

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