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Frequently Asked Questions about the Battery Life Saver

Frequently Asked Questions
Battery Life Saver

How does it Work?


       Wave² Restoration Technology sends a frequency signal to each crystal of lead sulfate, causing it to dissolve into lead and sulfuric acid. This restores the golf cart battery to its original condition and allows the electrical charge to be drawn from the battery.

Benefits of Using Wave² Restoration Technology :

      It makes old batteries as good as new. It keeps new batteries new, saving time and money. With Wave² Restoration Technology, more power is available from your batteries, and you need less power to charge them. By reducing the number of golf cart batteries that get thrown away and put in landfills, Wave² Restoration Technology protects the environment. 

The Battery Life Saver can be used in several different ways:

     • To restore a dead or barely usable battery, connect The Battery Life Saver electronic device to the battery, along with your battery charger. A 6 - 10 amp charger works best. The Battery Life Saver electronic device is powered by the battery and only two wires need to be connected, one to each terminal of the battery. Allow the battery to charge until the specific gravity reaches between 1.250 and 1.300. This would be equivalent to a new battery. If you don’t have a hydrometer to measure specific gravity, you can check the voltage while the battery charger is on. If the voltage is over 15 volts, the battery is fully rejuvenated. This process takes from 24 hours to as much as several days for a badly sulfated battery.

     • To accelerate the de-sulfating process, turn the battery charger off if the battery voltage is at least 11.5 volts. Leave The Battery Life Saver electronic device connected and allow it to run by itself for 12 hours. Then turn the battery charger on and allow it to run for 12 hours with the battery charger on. Do this alternately until the specific gravity is within range.

     • To maintain working batteries, install The Battery Life Saver electronic device on each battery or bank of batteries. It rejuvenates the batteries while the vehicle is operating. This causes more power to be available from the battery and causes less power to be needed to charge the battery. This is the best way to extend the life of your batteries. It’s like having a brand new battery every time you start your vehicle.

If I use BLS, how long will it extend the life of my battery?

The typical life of a battery is three years. Some people have estimated that a battery used in automotive applications in North America, without failure caused by sulfate build-up, would last nine years. We say that BLS will double or triple the life of your battery.

How do I use The Battery Life Saver electronic device?

Just like Jumper Cables, the Battery Life Saver electronic device come with two leads, one red and one black.

In applications using multiple batteries, connect the red lead to the positive terminal of the first battery, and the black lead to the negative terminal of the last battery, and forget it!

How can I tell if my golf cart battery is going bad?

Your golf cart battery will give some indications of impending failure if you know what to look for. They are:

  • Slow-starting.
  • Headlights dim at low engine RPM (Revolutions per minute as in idling).
  • Ampmeter indicating discharge at high RPM.
  • Golf cart batteries seems to be losing performance in any other way.

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