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Golf Cart Garage Floor Saver Mats
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Garage Floor Mat - Diamond Plate Design

Garage Floor Mat - Diamond Plate Design

Garage Floor Mat - Diamond Plate Design
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Protect your fancy garage floor from damaging battery acid spells with this garage floor mat.  The diamond pattern will complement the other diamond design accessories on your golf cart or in your garage. The picture to the left is the mat in battleship grey.

--The mat comes in black, battleship grey, pewter, or charcoal finish.  The color samples are below.
--The under the cart mat is made of a commercial/industrial grade plastic Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC).
--It is 80-mil thick, approximately the size of a nickel.
--The pad surface is slip resistant and waterproof.
--The mat is impervious to battery acid ensuring complete protection for your garage floor..
--It provides an attractive cover up for floors that have been damaged.
--Comes in the 5' x 7.5'  (weighs 29 lbs) or the longer 5' x 9' (weighs 34 lbs). The longer mat will cover the full length of a golf cart with a rear seat or cargo box. New. We have added 2 longer mats for 6 andf 8 passenger golf carts at 5' x 12' and 5' x 15'. 
--Clean with a mild household detergent.
--Easy to install by just rolling out the mat.

Don't let your beautiful garage floor look like this!

Larger sizes of garage floor mats can be ordered 7.5' x 14' for small cars, 7.5' x 17' for standard cars, and 7.5' x 20' for large cars. Call Customer Service, 727-487-6615 for these special order mats. Unify your garage look with matching floor mats for all your vehicles

7 year limited warranty.

Below are samples of the garage mat's  black, pewter, and charcoal finishes.


"The 5' x 7' mat fits perfectly under my golf cart." Marianne L, Laguna, CA, February, 2020.

"I ordered two 5 x 7.5 mats and a matching special order 7.5 x 14 for my '57 T-Bird. I am very happy with the mats." Nick T., Okatie, SC., June, 2016.

"Floor mats (he ordered 2) are perfect.  Thanks for following up!" Arthur S., Abita Springs, LA., January, 2016.

"Your golf cart mat looks and fits my cart perfectly." (She ordered the 5 x 7.5.) Diane G., Las Vegas, NV., February, 2016.


"Our garage mat (Battleship Grey) is great. Perfect size (7.5' x 14'), and it looks great as our garage floor has the epoxy on it. Peter S., Lincoln, CA, February, 2020.

'The graphite garage floor mat arrive, and it looks great." Bruce W., Morrison CO, March, 2015.

"Very nice mat." Marilee D., Winter Haven, FL, September, 2014..
"We like the (graphite) garage floor mat." Shawn M., Gonzales, LA, March, 2014.

"My new (5 x 9 graphite diamond patterned garage floor mat) works and looks great. It is better than cardboard any day and without it you can watch the concrete deteriorate." Peter T., Palm Desert, CA, November, 2013

 "I have the garage floor mat laid out now, and it looks like exactly what I need." Terry B., Chesapeake, VA., November, 2013.

"The two diamond plate graphite mats arrived right on time. They are very nice." Phyllis M., Sedona, AZ, July, 2013.

"This mat does the job! Don't waste your time on carpets or the cheap rubber floor mats from Lowes.  The battery acid will eat through. If you want to preserve your floor, you must go with this mat. I have bought over 30 of these." Gene, Owner, Schmidy's Carts, Poinciana, FL, June, 2013.

"Here is my second order for the silver diamond plate design garage floor mat. It fits the area perfectly.  Looks nice. We like that it doesn't slide around." Shanna O., Arvada, CO, November, 2012.

"My Mom LOVES her new protective golf cart pad (Graphite color diamond plate pattern)."  Marnhelle H., Banning, CA, August, 2012.

Garage Floor Mat - Micro Fiber

Garage Floor Mat - Micro Fiber

Garage Floor Mat - Micro Fiber
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A light weight garage floor mat that protects the floor from battery acid spills.

--Made of a top layer of woven Micro Fiber which absorbs all toxic battery acid and gas and a bottom impermeable layer which prevents any materials from getting to the garage floor.
--A super absorbent mat.
--Light weight at only 4 lbs.
--Size is 5" x 8.5".
--Can be cut if you want a smaller size.
--Comes in black only.
--Can be folded for storage to a 24" x 15" x 2" size
--Clean with mild detergent and air dry.

Customers who ordered the golf cart garage floor mat were also interested in storage covers and floor mats inside the golf cart



Let our friendly customer service staff answer your questions about our golf cart garage floor mats.  The golf cart garage floor mats come in three different designs, and the golf cart garage floor mat is long enough to protect the garage floor for the complete length of the golf cart. Please click on any of the golf cart accessories to the left to get full technical descriptions, prices, and ordering information. Make your golf cart look the best in town with golf cart accessories from Frugal Dougal’s Golf Cart Accessories!

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