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Installation Instructions for the Original Club Rain Protector

Club Car Precedent and Club Car DS 1999 and up, please contact Customer Service for instructions. 

Club Car DS 1999 & Older
Step 1. Attach Club Protector®
Aluminum Tracking bar to rear cart roof.

a. Remove rear bolts from car roof.
b. Place Tracking bar along rear
cart roof where rear bolts have been
removed. In doing so, make sure the
tracking bar is in the upright position.
The tracking bar is upright when the
holes in the tracking bar are shown
above the cylindrical groove.

c. Position tracking bar so that
holes align with the holes on cart
roof. ** In some carts, holes must be
drilled into tracking bar.

d. Using rear bolts fasten tracking
bar to roof.

Yamaha, Melex, Fair Play, and Columbia Par Carts
Step 1: Attach Aluminum Tracking bar to the inside rear of the cart roof.
a. Holding the tracking bar in place with the cylindrical groove down and facing out the back of the cart, mark two holes with a pencil, then drill the holes with a 3/16 drill bit.
b. Attach with screws and nuts provided.

E-Z Go
Step 1: Attach Aluminum Track bar to rear cart roof.
a. Hold the track bar to the Inside rear of the cart roof. The cylinder groove will be down and facing out the back of the cart. Mark the two holes with a pencil.
b. Drill through the first layer of the roof using an 11/64 drill bit. Do not drill through the back of roof.
c. Attach track bar with screws.

Step 2. Put Club Protector® onto cart.
a. Carefully slide top (beaded) end of Club Protector® cover through tracking bar.
b. Using pliers,  crimp the ends of the cylindrical groove on the track bar. This stops the Club Protector® from shifting.
c. Slowly open the Club Protector® making sure that the main frame bar rests on the lower cart basket/bag support frame.

Step 3. Attach Club Protector® Mainframe bar onto the cart basket/bag support frame.
a. If your Club Protector® mainframe bar aligns with existing bolts, remove them. If it doesn’t you must mark and drill two holes using a 1/4 drill bit through the outside slots of the mainframe bar. Attach with bolts and nuts provided. Use spacers if needed.
If the cover appears to be tight, place the appropriate Club Protector® spacers under the Club Protector® MAIN FRAME BAR so the bar rests on the spacers instead of the cart basket/bag support bar. The spacers relieve tension in the cover. **

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