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Club & Ball Washer
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Club and Ball Washer

Club and Ball Washer

Club and Ball Washer
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A high quality, commercial grade club and ball washer.  This is the original design. Always in stock and available for same day shipment.

--Separate cleaning chambers.
--Extra large club washer with heavy-duty bristle brush.
--Smaller ball washer with matted brush.
--4 custom mounting kits. The post plastic mount is universal in that we include mounts for different diameter of golf cart rear posts.  The fender with bracket mount can also be used to mount the club and ball washer to a flat surface such as a garage bench. See pictures of these mounting systems by using the link below. A special side mount is available for the Precedent and will fit on either the driver's or passenger's side.
--Better ball flight.
--Better backspin.
--Comes in black only.
--The club and ball washer is designed to be mounted on a golf cart but also can be mounted on a work bench in your garage.

Your club and ball perform exactly as they were engineered without the interference of dirt, sand, or turf particles. Heavy-duty bristles quickly clean your golf club and golf ball so you get your best shot every time. It cleans both standard and over-sized balls, drivers, irons, even your putter. This is a commercial grade club and ball washer. Constructed of high impact, UV resistant plastic, this cleaner won’t crack or fade. Dual chambers allow for separate cleaning solutions. Tethered push-in plugs allow for easy draining and prevent plug loss. And rubber dampers at the top reduce brush splatter.

Mount it on a golf car fender, top post support, rear bumper or on a work bench at home. Post mounting brackets allow it to be mounted without drilling holes. Post mounts are idea for the new golf carts including the E-Z-GO RXV because no holes are made into the bumpers. There are four mounting options for this product. Please look below for pictures of the mounting variations. Fender mount - without bracket; Fender mount - with bracket; Post mount - plastic bracket; and Post mount - metal bracket.

Below is a picture of the club and ball washer on an E-Z-GO RXV using the fender mount.


Below is the club and ball washer mounted on the sweater basket of a Yamaha Drive using the plastic post mount.




Made in the USA

For pictures of the five mounting systems, click hereFive Mounting Systems


"The club and ball washer is a perfect size. We recommend windshield washer fluid as the detergent." Jeremy D., Newport, AR., April, 2016.

"The club /ball washer is exactly what you described it to be. We are pleased with the quality of the product. Thank you." Tim R., O'Fallon, MO, September, 2014.

"I really like the installation method (the fender mount).  Very easy to attach to golf cart.  Should have gotten one 2 years ago."  Terry E., Bluffton, SC, September, 2014.

"The unit is great " Pete B., Worcester, MA, September, 2014.

"Everything arrived on time and fits perfect (club and ball washer with post metal bracket). Thanks for all your help and service." Andrew Y, Hollywood, FL, August, 2012.

"Works perfectly. Thanks! (The larger post plastic mount on a Fairplay Golf Cart)" A customer from New York, May, 2011.

"This heavy duty club and ball washer is much more durable than the others on the market."  Bob Brinkman, New Richmond, Wisconsin

"My order arrived yesterday. What wonderful service! Thank you and I know my husband will love his Father's Day gift of the club and ball washer.  And, you can bet he will pass along the information about Frugal Dougal's to all his buddies." Julie Boyce, Martin, TX, June, 2008. 

"The club and ballwasher arrived in perfect condition and was very easy to mount to my cart.  Thank you for your quick and excellent service." John Hesse, Patterson, CA, July, 2009.


Portable Club and Ball Washer

Portable Club and Ball Washer

Portable Club and Ball Washer
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The patented design club and ball washer is portable, durable, light weight, and easy to use.

--Attaches to any golf cart in seconds-no tools or assembly required.
--Attaches to your golf bag too.
--Cleans four golf balls at one time.
--Cleans your clubs.
--Extended warranty.

Made in the USA.

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Let our friendly customer service staff answer your questions about our golf cart club and ball bashers. We offer a commerical grade golf cart club and ball washer and a portable golf cart club and ball washer that you can take with you. Please click on any of the golf cart accessories to the left to get full technical descriptions, prices, and ordering information. Make your golf cart look the best in town with golf cart accessories from Frugal Dougal’s Golf Cart Accessories!

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