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Test  Results for the Golf Cart Battery Maintenance System

Thank you for selling us our first Battery Life Saver. We are a golf car business. One of the costly issues related to owning a golf car is batteries wearing out too soon. Our business not only sells new golf cars but also has loaners, lease cars and rebuilt vehicles. We obviously were skeptical about using a device which could extend and improve the usable life of a battery.

Before introducing this product to our lease fleet as well as over-the-counter sales, we found it necessary to test the product. We have a chart allowing us to track a golf car from the beginning of using the battery life saver. Our first step was to charge a set of batteries in a 36 volt golf car. We then took hydrometer readings of each battery as well as voltage. To date, we have tested the set of batteries 4 times.

Here is what we have documented: At the beginning of the test, the fully charged batteries (6) each read between 6.1 and 6.28 volts. We also took a hydrometer reading of the 6 batteries. In each case, the hydrometer bulb floated to maximum. After one week’s time, the fully recharged car was tested. The individual batteries had comparable voltage values to the first reading.

The hydrometer readings were quite different. All 6 batteries provided zero floatation of the hydrometer bulb.

Let me preface my conclusions by stating some interesting elements to this test. We used a car which we keep at the shop to perform all sorts of tasks. The batteries we keep in this car are old and have been abused. In fact, we recovered three of the batteries by using a desulfanator in them. All 6 batteries could not be used even to put in a loaner vehicle. The test benefits we see from the battery life saver are:

  1. The inert solids that caused the hydrometer to float to 100% initially disappeared in one week;
  2. The car we tested responds better and longer than prior to the installation of the battery life saver.

 The reason we feel the battery life saver truly works is that the inert elements were not going to the plates during the charge/discharge cycles of the batteries. Previously, this was hampering the charging and discharging of the batteries.

This is sufficient proof for us to begin introducing the battery life saver to our customers.

James Momentoff, Fort Worth, TX,  October 2008. 

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