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Battery test for a shorted or open cell

Testing a Golf Cart Battery for a Shorted or Open cell

The Battery Life Saver™ electronic device will not help a golf cart battery or batteries that have an open or shorted cell. In order to tell if a golf cart battery has an open or shorted cell, simply perform the following test.

Step 1: Make sure you turn off any instruments or accessories that will drain the battery or battery system during testing.

Step 2: Charge the battery or battery system until it is fully charged.

Step 3: If you have multiple batteries in the system, disconnect the batteries from each other. Let the battery or battery system sit for 8-10 hours. This is important because if you measure the voltage immediately after charging, you will not be measuring the true voltage of the battery.

Step 4: With a voltmeter, measure the voltage of each individual battery. In a battery system, you do not need to disconnect each battery, simply connect the voltmeter to the positive and negative terminals of the individual battery.

Step 5: Reference the chart below to determine if your battery or battery system has a shorted or open cell. For example, if a 6 volt battery is reading below 4.3 volts it has an open or shorted cell and the battery must be replaced.


Voltage Reading of shorted or open cell

6 Volt



4.3 Volts

8 Volt



6.5 Volts

12 Volt



10.6 Volts


If you have been using the Battery Life Saver or plan on using one, you will only need to replace the bad golf cart battery with another used battery.  Now, you are ready to connect and start using the Battery Life Saver on your golf cart.

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