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Golf Cart Club Rain Protectors
Golf Cart Club Rain Protector-The Original

Golf Cart Club Rain Protector-The Original

Golf Cart Club Rain Protector-The Original
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The golf cart club rear bag cover allows quick and easy access to your golf clubs when it rains. This is the golf club protector that has been chosen by Club Car to offer as an accessory for their new golf carts.

--Be prepared for foul weather to cover your golf club bag with this retractable golf cart club protector. A rear cabana style club cover.
--Large single window allows for excellent visibility.
--Installs in minutes.
--The golf cart club bag cover is light weight and easy to store.
--Foldaway compact unit. Folds down to cover golf bag and clubs.
--Excellent workmanship.
--Secured in the up position with a fold around flap that is connected with velcro.
--Extends 24" beyond the back supports which accommodates the extra large "big bag" golf bags.
--The club protector uses a durable stitch construction.
--Made from WeatherMax solution-dyed polyester with a durable water repellent, urethane coating. The WeatherMax is well suited for the club rain protector because the fabric is durable, pliant and does not show wrinkles.
--In addition, a variety of Sunbrella fabric colors can be chosen to add a more unique look or to match other Sunbrella accessories such as seat covers and enclosures. See the custom Green Bay Packers cart below.
--High quality cover that is used on many golf courses.
--Both the WeatherMax polyester and the Sunbrella fabrics are guaranteed for 5 years against fading and mold or mildew damage.
--Replacement parts are available.
--See below for color choices.
--For the Sunbrella protector, a contrasting color for the piping can be added. See below.
--See below for club protector installation instructions.
--Due to the many variations in makes and models of golf carts and the fabric and colors, the club rain protectors are all custom made. Please allow approximately 10 days for shipment.



Made in the USA.

Check out this custom made club rain protector for a Green Bay Packers golf cart on an E-Z-GO Med/TXT. See the customer's comments below. The piping in the same or a contrasting color is custom and there is an extra charge.



To view the Sunbrella colors, you may follow this link to the Sunbrella Showroom.

For installation details, please click here.

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"The Club Rain Protector you sent for our 2013 Yamaha Drive was beautiful. (Black Sunbrella with a Charcoal Tweed piping). We are ready to order 74 more." Joe, Boulder Creek Golf Club, Streetsboro, Ohio, May, 2013.

"We ordered 14 of The Original Club Rain Protectors for our Yamaha golf carts.  They work extrememly well, mounted easily, are the normal right size, and cover the clubs even with big club head covers. I sincerely believe they are the best out there." Jim, Nittany Country Club, Mingoville, PA, March, 2013.

"We ordered the Sunbrella linen club rain protector. I like the durability, quality, and ease of installation.  Here is our order for 10 more." David L., Christman's Windham House, Windham, NY, August, 2012.

"Just wanted to thank you for the extra effort on my club protector (the green and yellow club protector pictured above). You can thank the manufacturer also. I have gotten many comments already that 'it's the nicest one they have seen.'" Jeff Mirenda, Hot Springs Village, AR, April, 2011. And we add, a true Green Bay Packer's Fan!

"We love the club protector.  The clear window is great, and it is much easier to get to the clubs in the rain than with a zippered cover".  Barbara Fabian. Tavares, Florida, August 2008.

 "We are very pleased with the quality of the cover.  Looking forward to purchasing another cover later this spring for another golf cart." Roger Sucese, Massena, New York, February 2009.

"The rain cover looks good.  When we get back from Canada, we will order a windshield. Thanks for the help in determining the correct products and the great service." John Willmott, Vero Beach, FL March 2009.

"This cover is of exceptionally good quality and is far superior to any other cover of this type that I have seen." Dave Ionta, Clinton, NY, November 2009.


Club Rain Protector - The Elite

Club Rain Protector - The Elite

Club Rain Protector - The Elite
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One-of-a-kind boot style attachment encloses the club protector for extra protection when it is not in use. This is your best choice if you leave the club protector on your cart in the fold-up position and want it to be covered and protected.

--Two window design allows for greater visibility.
--A cabana style club cover.
--Installs in minutes.
--Adapts to most later model carts.

--Durable stitch construction. Does not have piping.
--Frame is in black.
--The club rain protector is secured in the up position with a plastic swing lock that is attached to the housing.
--The frame is mounted to the upright top supports.
--The frame encloses the rain cover to protect it and hides it from side view when it is in the up position.
--Made from WeatherMax solution-dyed polyester with a durable water repellent, urethane coating. The WeatherMax is well suited for the club rain protector because the fabric is durable, pliant and does not show wrinkles.
--Comes in 4 elegant polyester colors: black, hunter green, white and khaki (tan).
--Sunbrella fabric is also available. An addition charge of $30 will apply for The Elite club rain protector in Sunbrella.
--Both the Weather Max polyester and Sunbrella are guaranteed against fading, mold and mildew for 5 years. 
--The support arms for the E-Z-GO RXV, Star Car, and Yamaha Drive are made out of steel rather than the injection molded plastic arms used in The Elite rain protector for the Club Car DS, Precedent and E-Z-GO Med/TXT.
--Please allow one week for shipping. Custom Sunbrella fabric may take longer.

Made in the USA.


Let our friendly customer service staff answer your questions about our golf cart club rain protectors. These golf cart club rain protectors are The Original. We also offer The Elite golf cart club protector model which has an ultra strong protection case. Please click on any of the golf cart accessories to the left to get full technical descriptions, prices, and ordering information. Make your golf cart look the best in town with golf cart accessories from Frugal Dougal’s Golf Cart Accessories!

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